Premier Dead Sea Beautifying Nail Kit

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How often do you care for your nails? Do you dedicate the time and care that you should to them? Do you cut them, clean them, and file them regularly? I will admit that I have never been the best at taking care of my nails. I always make the excuse that I never have time. I now realize that it wasn’t so much about time, as it was about having the right tools to take care of my nails.

Premier Dead Sea knows just how to get a girl excited about doing her nails again. I received Beautifying Luxury Nail Kit from them and I immediately stopped what I was doing and started to take care of my nails. Here are the contents of the kit:

  • Mineral Rich Cuticle Oil- This is to be used after buffing your nails. It is a very nice oil that softens your cuticles and loosens them from the skin to smoothly contour your nails.
  • Nail File- Just calling this a nail file isn’t enough. This nail file is a top of the line nail file! It is so rough and firm that you know it will help you to shape your nails without the worry of it wearing out quickly. Most nail files either break easily or they aren’t rough enough to file your nails properly.
  • Hand and Body Cream- I love this cream. It smells amazing! It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and moisturized. If you combine it with the cuticle oil it protects your nails from flaking and breaking.
  • Buffering Block- This is the STAR of the nail kit. I have tried plenty of buffering blocks before, but never one quite this wonderful. It smooths, buffs, and shines your nails preparing them for a long healthy life without breakage! Most buffering block fall apart after a few uses. Not this one! It is high quality and built to last!

Overall the Premier Dead Sea Beautifying Nail Kit is exactly what I was hoping it would be. The cream and cuticle oil smells great and nourishes your skin and nails. The nail file and buffering block are both made of the very best materials leaving you with a long lasting set of nail tools! I would definitely recommend this nail kit to anyone having trouble with breakage or unhealthy nails. Because of the beautiful packaging, this would also make a fabulous gift!

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