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Precious Moments is a brand that for nearly 40 years, has created gifts that celebrate love, caring, and sharing! They create beautiful pieces are timeless, intricate, and… precious. I would have never imagined that Precious Moments would still be around for me to, one day, share the beauty with my children. Some moments are deserved to be celebrated and Precious Moments has pieces for just about every occasion.

Precious Moments Alphabet Figurines

These Precious Moments Animal Alphabet figurines are so special to me. You can buy any letters of the alphabet and combine them to create initials, names, or even words. This is a beautiful gift idea for any Precious Moments collectors, like my grandmother as I previously mentioned. I particularly love the idea of giving these as a gift for a new baby. 

Precious Moments Alphabet Figurines Initials

Celebrate a new bundle of joy by giving them the timeless gift of Precious Moments. You can spell out his/her name or give their initials. Each letter of the alphabet has an animal that begins with the letter – ‘A’ with an alligator, ‘B’ with a bear, and so on. The letters are colorful and have the signature Precious Moments teardrop eyes.  

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Precious Moments Alphabet Figurines

Precious Moments Animal Alphabet

These aren’t the ABCs you remember; discover a wild twist to the English alphabet! Each letter is accompanied by a sweet-faced animal making them adorable additions to bedrooms or playrooms. Spell a name or meaningful word for a special birthday or shower gift.  Resin 2.5”-2.75” H. SRP: $8.99 (each)


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