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I got my first DSLR a few months ago. It’s a beautiful Nikon D5300. It included a bland Nikon brand strap. I immediately wanted something else. I’ve seen really pretty straps around my photographer friends’ necks and I wanted one of my own. I went straight to to find something personalized and cute.

Personalized Camera Strap

Since I use my camera for my blog most of the time I wanted a strap with my blog name on it. Most of the personalized straps that I’ve found on Etsy aren’t actually straps. They are just strap covers. Don’t get me wrong. Those are really adorable, but not exactly what I am looking for. Since my blog name is so long I needed a company that could make it work on my strap. I came across an Etsy Shop called Strange Charm Design.

Strange Charm Design Personalized Camera Strap.

Strange Charm Design makes personalized camera straps that are different from any that I’ve seen before. First of all, the straps themselves are high-quality. They are sewn with unique and stylish designs. The material is durable and there aren’t any loose threads. The strap isn’t padded, but I don’t necessarily mind that. What makes them unique is the personalize charm that is tied onto the strap. You can choose what you’d like your charm to say. I, of course, chose mine to say Women and Their Pretties. The plate is hand-stamped and tied with a faux suede cord. The nameplate is copper. You can select the classic rectangular shape or the trail of stars. The sweet designer at Strange Charm Design sent me two nameplates – one with all uppercase letters and another with lowercase letters. I can just tie on whichever one I want. 

Strange Charm Design Personalized Camera Strap

I absolutely adore the Flock of Feathers strap and the charm. The charm is located in an area that everyone can see. I surprisingly got all sorts of compliments from my family during the holidays when I walked around with my camera. I was surprised because they aren’t gadget lovers like I am. This strap just stood out so much that everyone just had to say something. I am super excited to bring this beauty on my next press trip! 

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  1. Congratulations on your new camera baby! I adore Nikon cameras and have had my eye on that exact DSLR for the longest time. That strap looks sturdy enough to easily support your camera PLUS it has your blog name on it. Nicely made!

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