Palmer’s Eventone Suncare – For Every Season

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You shouldn’t stop wearing sunscreen just because summer is coming to an end. Sunscreen should be worn every day, year round. You can apply it under your makeup or alone. There are even foundations with sunscreen in them! There’s never an excuse to go without protecting your skin. You need to find the right products for you. You can protect your skin without the negative side effects, like dry skin. Palmer’s has just released their first ever Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Suncare Range and I think it’s right up a beauty lover’s alley!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Suncare

The cocoa butter formula is really what sets this apart from all other sun care products. It doesn’t feel like you’re applying sunscreen. It’s like a moisturizer for your entire body. They have small sunscreens that you can keep in your purse, sunscreen for your face, and for your entire body. They have different SPFs for different occasions. I wear the 15 SPF on a regular day and I amp it up to 50 if I know I will be out in the sun. My face and shoulders always get burnt very bad, so I like the strongest SPF I can get. I love the way this makes my skin feel! It feels so soft afterward. Also, the formula doesn’t have a strong scent. It actually smells yummy because of the cocoa butter! It’s also water-resistant! 

You can pick up your Palmer’s items at a retailer near you, but their Eventone Suncare items are available exclusively at Walmart!

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