Ozeri’s Green, Green Earth Frying Pan

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Where should I start? Upon receiving this I was super excited. A lime green frying pan? Count me in! haha. Not only is it a beautiful color green, it is green as in safe for the environment. A frying pan is “Green”? Who thinks of that? Ozeri does and it was very well thought out. Let me explain.

The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri has an elevated texture which created air pockets, making is heat up easier and quicker. What does that mean for you? Basically, you don’t need to blast the heat on your stove to cook. Also, the patterned cooking surface helps prevent your food from sticking.  Now I know every frying pan out there claims to be “non-stick”. I have never had any luck with a non stick pan… until now. While frying my chicken, I forgot about the non-stick feature. I was so caught up in rushing to finish dinner that I wasn’t paying attention. After cooking, when it was time to wash the pan, to my surprise, nothing was stuck to it. Literally. I poured the oil out and did not need to scrape anything at all off of the pan. I was so surprise. It was so easy to clean! No scrubbing needed at all. This should be called the NO SCRUB PAN hehe. Even if you did have to scrub, no worries, it is a scratch resistant ceramic. A ceramic that is completely eco-friendly, emitting no harmful fumes!

Ozeri Frying Pan


This very well could be… The.Perfect.Frying.Pan. I am not exaggerating. It has a comfortable silicone handle, a mesh cover for protection when stacking, it is safe, non stick, and it cute! You can’t go wrong with this pan. Ozeri makes top of the line products. Check out all of their other products by connecting with them below.



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