The Original Kit Cat Clock

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We all remember The Original Kit Cat Clock right? It was that cute cat clock that sat on the wall with it’s tail wagging and eyes moving back and forth. I am too young to remember the clock when it was in its prime, but I still remember seeing it as a kid. As many of you know already, I am a HUGE animal lover. I am the mommy of 3 beautiful cats, so this kind of clock would fit right into my home. While many of us imagine finding a used Kit Cat Clock in an antique shop with a hefty price tag, I am starring at the low priced, brand new clock on my wall. Yes… BRAND NEW.

The Original Kit Cat Clock Wall

Kit-Cat.com has brought the The Original Kit Cat Clock back to life! Knowing what the consumers want and what many generations are nostalgic over, Kit-Cat.com decided to recreate this fun family clock! From what I can remember this clock came in black and white. Well my friends, you can choose the classic color or you can switch it up and pick up one of the other colorful clocks! Some of their clocks have bow ties (like the classic) and others have adorable pearl necklaces.

What I love about the Kit-Cat.com‘s original Kit Cat Clock is that it is seriously a spitting image of the original clock! Everything from the design and font on the box to the design and functionality of the clock is just like the original Kit Cat clock! Who doesn’t want a fun clock like this? The tail wags, the eyes move, and everyone laughs. It works great and seems to be great quality! It is a spitting image of the original clock! It’s a great addition to any room and is definitely something that anyone in the family would love! Pick one up for mom to bring her back to her younger days. Pick one up for your children, to make them giggle every time they see it. Spoil yourself with a Kit Cat Clock, to bring back the 1950s nostalgia!

Purchase The Original Kit Cat Clock here


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  1. Omg I LOVE this! I do remember these cat clocks! Oh I wish I had seen this before it was too late for holiday shopping but hey maybe I can still grab one for myself 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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