NokHoo Designs Unique Laptop Backpack

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NokHoo Designs Backpack Laptop Bag

When I travel, I want it to be in style. Whether I am going for a quick weekend trip, a long vacation, or a business trip, I want to look and feel cute! The Nokhoo Designs Laptop Backpack are seriously my favorite! I received the Raining Paradise NokHoo bag and the style is just the cutest thing ever. I would buy these for children or adults because they are so cute. The quality is impeccable. The fabric is very thick and heavy, making for a very durable bag. It is lined with a water-resistant and shock-proof material, so your laptop and other electronics will be very safe. One of the most prominent features is the padded shoulder straps. The days of painful shoulders are over. These bags fully protect you and keep you happy all day. There’s even a removable pocket on the shoulder strap, that can be used for an MP3 player or cell phone. What really makes these bags stand out are the hand stitched designs. This means that no two bags will be exactly the same. You can rest assured that you have a bag that is unlike any other. The designs may LOOK the same but knowing that TLC was put into yours is a very special feeling. 

I am incredibly picky about the bags that I carry. Along with style, I need them to be comfortable and convenient. For my convenience is being able to grab exactly what I need when I need it. I don’t want to dig through my bag for 5 minutes trying to find something. It’s just a pain. I’ve never had to worry about that with this bag because it has so many compartments and pockets, that there’s a place for everything. I can carry my laptop, books, chargers, tablet, as well as any other odds and ends that I need. 

Nokhoo Designs Backpack

I seriously recommend these great quality, beautiful laptop bags for men and women. They have 4 designs to choose from, 2 that are more feminine and 2 that are more masculine, in my opinion. I couldn’t praise this bag or company any more than I already am. Every single inch of the bag was made thoughtfully. I have tons of bags and backpacks and this is seriously my #1 go-to bag! I want to take it everywhere with me because of how adorable it is. I want all of the designs! haha. They make great gifts that would last a very long time. I recommend these for back to school gifts, graduation gifts, or for anyone that loves to travel in style. 

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