Why You Need Shady Face Bluetooth Speakers

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There are so many bluetooth speakers floating around these days that I can barely keep up with the brands and the technology. Some of great, while others are just ordinary. I think that everyone should have a bluetooth speaker or three. haha. They are great for so many things- for the home, the beach, your car, traveling, and any other places where you want to play and listen to music. The ShadyFace Bluetooth Speakers are some of my favorite because of the style and size!

ShadyFace Speakers

They have two different designed bluetooth speakers that are incredibly convenient to carry with you anywhere! You can throw one right in your purse because their size is perfect. I am putting a couple of them in the Christmas stockings this year. The two designs are blue or black Hawaiian Print Bluetooth Speakers and black or white Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. These have 12+ hour playtime when fully charged! I don’t think anyone would even need it that long in one day, but it’s great to know that it will not die while you are using it! Mine hasn’t died since I first hooked it up. Speaking of getting it to work. It’s a piece of cake! Anyone with a smart phone or bluetooth device could figure it out in a snap! The speaker is very loud too! It’s loud enough to hear it from every room of my house! The ShadyFace Bluetooth Speakers only take 2 hours to fully charge so you can plug it in before you are ready to use it and it will be charged before you know it! These speakers make great gifts for anyone in the family!

ShadyFace is a proud American owned and operated company!

A message from ShadyFace: “We are donating proceeds from each Shadyface speaker sold to the families of fallen soldiers through The American Fallen Soldiers Project. “Honor, respect and forever memorialize.”

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