The Nature Lover’s Candleholders

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I don’t consider myself an outdoorsy type of gal. I don’t spend my days outside and I don’t go trekking through the woods. I don’t do outdoor activities because I am in Florida. It is TOO hot and humid here for me to enjoy being outside. Likely excuse right? haha. While I may not be the outdoorsy type, I do have a great love for nature. I enjoy relaxing walks through nature trails. I love hearing the birds chirp. Hearing the wind blowing through the trees is one of the most relaxing sounds I could ever hear. Even more than that, I love the smell of wood.

I grew up in a family of tree trimmers. My father, my two uncles, and my grandfather all have been in the landscaping business for their entire lives. I grew up hearing chainsaws, dragging “brush”, and inhaling that sweet smell of fresh but trees! It sounds silly I know, but the smell still makes me nostalgic. The irony in this is that the last name of my fathers side of the family is Duboise, which means in the woods. The love of nature was instilled in me at a very young age and it still resonates with me as an adult. That is why these candleholders are so special to me.

Church House Woodworks Candle Holders

I came across a shop on Etsy called Church House Woodworks. I seen that they make a variety of rustic items for parties, weddings, and for your home. All of these items are made out of logs! My eyes were immediately drawn to the 3 Rustic Wood Candle Holders. I thought, “What a great idea!” I love these candle holders. I emailed the shop owner and she was very friendly (which is something every shop NEEDS). When I received the candle holders I was quite surprised at how heavy they were. They are beautiful! Tea light candles fit perfectly into the carved out holes in the candle holders. These would make a perfect addition to any event and for any household. I love the idea of using these to decorate my home for Christmas. Just add some pinecones and pine leaves around it for a decoration. These are going to make a great gift for my paternal grandmother! I know these will be near and dear to her heart because she is a nature lover like the rest of us 😉

Now you see why I call these The Nature Lover’s Candleholders. If you are interested in purchasing these, they are very affordable! Head on over to Church House Woodworks to check out all of their goodies! Also, keep your eyes peeled! You will have a chance to win a set of these in November, as a part of our 12 Weeks of Giveaways!

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  1. I too, grew up around wood but it was woods, wood stove, wood building. I love wood, it brings back fond memories. I will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are so beautiful. We live right next to the forest so we see trees and the woods all the time. I have never seen anything like this before and think they would look beautiful in almost any home.

  3. As someone who holds a high esteem of nature, these would make an AMAZING addition to my household!

  4. This is the perfect gift for me. I say that because we own a tiny log cabin and these would look so perfect in the living room. Loving their etsy shop! My favorite is the Rustic Wedding Cake Server and Knife Set.

  5. I always loved the the look of Natural Wood in the Raw. I have in my Backyard a Patio & it is decorated with custom made Patio Furniture…These “Rustic Wood Candles” would look & fit Perfectly with my Set!!!

  6. I really like the look of this candle set. I think they would work for decor on a everyday basis or use in a holiday centerpiece too.

  7. I absolutely love these! I love being outside and out in the woods. I really like how these looked. I saw a couple other things I really like too at their Etsy shop.

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