My Whole World #BehindTheBlogger

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My Whole World #BehindTheBlogger

3 years ago I don’t know what I would have written about when asked about “My Whole World”. I felt like my world wasn’t spinning. Nothing major or specific happened. At that time I was just stuck in life. I was going to school, but that was the only thing that made me feel like I could really change my life. Let me set the scene for you. 

I was living alone… in a town that I absolutely hated. I was living in a house with so many heartbreaking memories that I could have wrote a book. I was working 40+ hours a week and going to school full time.  There were some night when I would get our of work at 7am and have to be back at 3pm. I had no friends. No car. No visitors. It was a really depressing time. My health was at it’s worst and my mind wasn’t healthy either. I was miserable. I felt like I was going to spend my life working at a crappy job and never move forward. I was just stuck in the world. 

Then I met my boyfriend. I have to admit, our first year together was very rocky. I fought him every second of the way. I guess I was afraid of commitment or just afraid to love again. Getting used to someone and something new is hard for me. One thing I know for sure is that as much as I craved change, I was completely terrified of it. Eventually I gave in just enough to quit my job of almost 8 years and move out of the town that I lived in my entire life. I cried the entire time. Not because I didn’t want it to happen, but because I didn’t know what the future had in store for me. I didn’t want to fail. I didn’t want to give up everything, have my world fall apart, and be left with nothing. I didn’t want to depend on another person. Little did I know that this person would change my whole world. 

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After we moved in together and 3 hours away from everything I knew, my entire life changed. My whole world didn’t consist of depression, pain, and stress anymore. It wasn’t an immediate change of course. People don’t just snap out of depression and negative thinking. It took quite awhile for my life to change, but boy did my whole world change. I finally graduated college, which was a huge weight off my shoulders. I gave in and allowed my boyfriend to be the man that he wanted to for me. I started blogging, which brought me a new found joy and confidence that my life was lacking before. I made a few new friends through my blogging (Shout out to Mama Smith and Betty Bite). My whole world finally started shaping up and becoming something that I felt proud of. 

My whole world was changed by my amazing boyfriend. I seriously couldn’t imagine a more supportive, caring, and endearing person. He is a damn pain 90% of the time, but man he’s amazing. He supports my dreams, loves my family, and has welcomed me into his. He puts up with my crazy, moody, strange, annoying self.

I’d say that my whole world is pretty wonderful these days. 

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  1. Yay for new beginnings! your post brought tears to my eyes, Joyce! I am so happy that you found someone that loves you for you, and I am even happier that you finally let down your guard enough to let him in. I see your pictures, and I can see the light in your eyes, and the happiness in your face. Life can be a big pain in the a$$ sometimes, but with the right person by your side, things can be so much better!

  2. Blah … I need a tissue. You know, in the last few months of getting to know you … you would never know that at a time in your life you dealt with depression and all that junk so terribly. I suppose we all have our “moments”
    It’s so awesome you found someone who is your all! A person that makes you feel like getting out of bed and accomplishing your day. I think you are a pretty wonderful woman with a LOT going for her and I am glad to know you!

    BTW: That is probably the cutest picture ever <3

  3. When I was 18, that’s how I felt…stuck. And then I met my now husband and he has helped me in so many ways. And blogging was a blessing for me as well. It helped me get out of my PPD funk. Blogging buddies are the best and I feel like you are one of mine. 🙂 Glad to have virtually met you.

  4. Isn’t it neat how the rough times we go through help us grow so much. Through all the hard stuff you were able to find someone very special! That’s a wonderful thing to hang on to and so is your guy!

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