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Inside Out is in Theaters Everywhere! 

Hello again my lovely readers. If you’ve come this far it is because you are a fan of your emotions like me. By emotions, I mean the little voices inside of our heads. No, not those kinda voices, I mean the joyful, sad, disgusted, angry, and fearful ones. If you’ve watched Inside Out then you know how cute and fun this movie is. Since the movie is not out for us to enjoy in our own homes yet, we can enjoy it in our own ways – through games, puzzles, toys, and activities. That’s how I celebrate a good movie, at least. What about you?

Since, I love crafts and puzzles so much, I want to share them all with you. Inside Out has a ton of fun games, puzzles, and activity sheets. There are a few particular ones that I love and want you to enjoy as much as I do! I am going to make the memory ball below and write a post on it, so keep a look out for it!

You can download these fun puzzles by clicking the links or the photos below!

Download and Print Memory Ball Craft Here

Inside Out Memory Ball Craft


Download and Print The Hexaflexagon HereInside Out Hexaflexagon


Download and Print The Board Game

Inside Out Board Game



Here’s a quote from my full review of the Inside Out film: “Inside Out isn’t a movie that will be forgotten. It’s a movie that will go down in Disney’s history book as one of the greatest! It will be the movie of the year and the kids are going to go crazy over it. Hearing their laughter and discussions of the film at the screening that I attended was just the beginning of it. They will be talking about this for a very long time. Inside Out will have our children asking all the right questions that we forget to talk to them about. This is the beginning of something wonderful and it is a MUST – SEE! I give it two thumbs up!” Read the Full Review Here

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