Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Review

This post contains affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links

My Kitchen Concepts is a company that makes 100% Solid Copper Mugs. These mugs are not only unique, they are beautiful. They remind me of a piece of history. I feel like you would find these sort of mugs back in the olden days. They look as if they are vintage, but they aren’t rusted or tarnished. They are shiny and and really appealing.

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I received two of their mugs and I think they are gorgeous. The 6 Oz Hammered Moscow Mule Copper Mug is so pretty. This mug came in a nice box with a drink recipe! (oohh lala) I think the handle is really cute. It favors a teacup, which I adore. The texture on the mug makes is really stand out. Every time I have a visitor, this is the mug they want to use. I really love how cold it keeps your drink. I drink my water in this because of how cold it keeps it. The only downfall with this mug is that is “sweats” like crazy. Your entire mug will be drenched before your drink is gone. Despite this downfall, I still like the mug and I use it regularly. I did receive this mug complimentary to give my full and honest opinion.

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I also received the 16 Ounce – Polished Moscow Mule Mug. First of all, I will admit that It had a dent or two in it when it arrived. I would hope that they would ship them in something other than a regular USPS envelope, like they did mine, because it really welcomes damage. I mean, you know how the post office is. It isn’t really too noticeable, but since I was sent this to review, I really inspected it so I could give you my honest opinion. My LOVE how pretty the copper mug is. It is so shiny that you can use it as your mug and your mirror (from the words of a girly girl). haha. Being that it is copper and not ceramic, it does sweat a lot. It is to be expected though. It doesn’t stop me from using the mug. I think my favorite part of this mug is the handle. The squared shape makes it easy and comfortable to hold. Would I buy this again? Yes, if I knew the packaging was better. As previously mentioned, I did receive this mug complimentary to give my full and honest opinion.

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