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For those of you who do not have cats, I bet you think they are so tidy and clean! Well my friends, you are incorrect. My cats are the MESSIEST eaters! I am literally cleaning up cat food and water off the floor daily. I don’t know what it is they are doing when they are eat, but food always ends up everywhere. It’s a little ridiculous. Dogs are even worse! They sobber and gorge on food. Water ends up every where with their messy lapping. haha. What if there were a product that collected the mess for you? I know it sounds impossible, but one company has designed something that every pet lover needs.

The Neater Feeder is an elevated pet bowl that contains two metal bowls- 1 for food, 1 for water. It comes with attachable legs, should you choose to make it taller. How is this a mess free feeder? Well first of all, it is shoulder length of your pet. There are different sizes for cats and dogs, so you can choose the size that you need for your precious fur babies. The height is important because your pets can eat right over their bowls, kinda like humans do. Also, there is a filter that separates spilled food and spilled water, so you don’t have to deal with that mess. The spilled food/water falls right down the filter tray and into the bottom half of the Neater Feeder. The bottom half is detachable. You can remove it and clean all of the mess right in your sink 🙂 No more leaning over or getting on your hands and knees to clean up this mess!

I chose to add food to both of the tin bowls because I have 3 cats and it’s nice for them to have two bowls that they can eat out of. I was afraid that he would be too tall for my babies, but it is the perfect height. The company actually recommended that I use the medium Neater Feeder for my babies. One of my favorite things about this pet feeder is the style. It is beautiful and would look great in any home. I chose the cranberry color, but brown is also an option.

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Overall, my cats and I are very pleased with the Neater Feeder. I would recommend it to anyone dealing with messy pets. It is a great quality product and will last you forever.

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  1. I need the small one. My Grand kids have a small dog and and he makes such a mess. But they never complain when it comes to cleaning up. Because their dog Peanut is so loving and playful with them. He is a part of our family and I call him my Grand-dog and the kids just get so tickled to here me say that. He makes us all laugh when he wants to play the running game, because he runs wild and wants us to chase him..

  2. We have huskies that stay in the house I would need a large for them or a small one for our cats

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