Men’s Lugz Habit Denim Shoes Review & Giveaway

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If you want style, comfort, and durability, then you want Lugz. Whether it’s casual or formal, for business or adventure, for men or for women, Lugz has something just for you. They started out as a men’s footwear brand and now they offer something for everyone. I personally feel like their men’s selection is the best of the best. There are so many styles and colors to choose from that your choice will not be as easy as you’d think. After much thought and a process of elimination, my boyfriend finally chose a pair to perfectly suit his needs. 

Men's Lugz Denim Habit

The new Lugz Habit Denim shoes were one of his favorite pairs on the site. He couldn’t pass up the stylish canvas material and the memory foam insoles. See, this is why we love Lugz! They think of everything. Sadly, a lot of companies focus more on style that comfort. Lugz focuses on both, giving you a shoe that you will be comfortable and fashionable in. With the waxy finish laces and the padded collar, these shoes have basically everything that you look for in a casual shoe. 

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My boyfriend chose these for our nights out together. It always seemed like he had shoes that were too casual or too formal for a night out together. When he is wearing a button up shirt and jeans, he wants something that is the right style for the occasion. These were just right! Lugz offers a few different colors and styles for the Habit Denims. We chose the Charcoal/ Cabin/ White, which is a dark grey color with a brown color on the back and white insoles. These seem to be the best to match any of his outfits. Whether his jeans are dark or light, these blend right in. They are very comfortable too. He wore these for the first time on a night out with the guys. The insoles are very cushioned and make your steps feel a lot lighter. They are a little snug, so you might be more comfortable in a 1/2 size larger. My boyfriend actually said he didn’t mind the snug feeling because they are nice to walk in. 

Men's Lugz Denim Habit (1)

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Men’s Lugz Habit Denim Shoes

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  2. LUGZ are super! Comfortable, great-looking, and they last forever. AND they have a super tread on the bottom – no slipping. Very important in icy weather, or even in the early fall with wet leaves on the ground. Yay, LUGZ!

  3. I really like the look of these. They really are more of a dressy casual shoe. Not too casual yet not to dressy and great to wear with jeans.

  4. My son has worn these for a very long time. Only shoes he will wear. thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂 Good luck everyone!

  5. My husband also needs shoes that are comfortable and long lasting 🙂 thanks for the opportunity to win

  6. I’ve been seeing Lugz shoes a lot recently & they seem to be well-liked. They look like good quality shoes & have a nice look, too!

  7. My father would enjoy getting a comfortable pair of shoes like these for Father’s Day!!

  8. These shoes look awesome. These would be great for my husband. He either has dress shoes, work shoes or tennis shoes, nothing casual. Thanks!

  9. I love the charcoal color! Thanks so much for sponsoring this great contest. I’d love to have a pair.

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