Make Music Social With Skrillex x UE Boom

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I believe that music is a universal language. Music can bring two people together like nothing else can. If you cannot communicate because of language barriers, you can share music with someone. There is something about music that heals. Music can bring you back to your childhoods after the first 2 seconds. Music can make you forget your pain and music can bring out the emotions that you’ve been hiding for far too long. I could go on forever about how music affects me, but I will stick to one fact. Music brings people together. Music makes people social, so make music social by taking it with you every where you go.

If you’ve made it this far I am sure that you are thinking, “I have my phone, so I do take music with me everywhere.” Yes, you may have your phone, but your phone is a bit limited. First of all, your phone’s speakers are in one area. You don’t get a surround sound and the bass is basically non-existent. Also, you cannot be very social when your phone’s volume is so limited.

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That is why you need an Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth Speaker. You get a 360 degrees sound with this speaker. Your typical bluetooth speaker, is really just a box with 2 speakers in it (like a mini boom box). This speaker plays music all the way around it’s cylinder shape. Setup is incredibly simple. It is easier than most bluetooth devices. You simply turn the speaker on by pressing the power button the top. You will hear the speaker say  “okay” and the bluetooth light will turn on. Now, turn the ON the bluetooth on your phone or tablet. Next, you will connect to UE Boom (which should automatically show up on your phone”. That’s it. You can play music from any of your music or radio apps or directly from your music library. You will see a huge plus and minus sign on your speaker that controls the volume. You can, however, control it from your connected device. Let me tell you, this speaker is REALLY loud!! It goes just as loud as my TV does! Even at it’s peak, it does not sound muffled or distorted. The sound is loud and clear and the bass hits JUST RIGHT; it’s as deep as it should be. It is stain and water resistant and has a 15 hour battery life!

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I have to mention the packaging. It comes in an awesome cylinder container, which is a very fun and modern approach. The cylinder open sideways and inside your UE Boom is nice and snug. Each end cap contains something a little extra. On one side you will find the bluetooth setup instructions (which are in multiple languages) and the speaker’s USB neon green charger. The other end cap contains more tech information on the speaker and troubleshooting. It also includes 4 different charging attachments in the same fun neon green color. The speaker comes with everything you need.

Bluetooth Connected

This specific speaker was designed by the famous DJ and Music Producer Skrillex! The speaker feels as if it is made of cloth on the design portion. It is very unique. Obviously the design is full, weird, and creative- music like Skrillex himself. I don’t expect any less from Ultimate Ears. I am sure with time, many more artist designs will be on these speakers. Purchase the Skrillex UE Boom Here

Overall, I am completely in love with this speaker. It is my favorite and I want to take it with me everywhere I go. This would make an incredible gift for anyone, especially men and music lovers. It comes in a variety of colors and designs.

“Make Music Social With Skrillex x UE Boom”

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  1. Love this speaker. My husband and I love to listen to music, even if we like totally different music. I love how this speaker is stain and waterproof. We have been looking for speakers to put outside on our porch. In the summer it is so much fun sitting out there listening to music. Great review and thanks for sharing! I need to look into these.

    1. I love this speaker! I like using it while I am writing on my blog. It’s so easy to hook up. Its a “turn it on and leave it” type of speaker! I love how loud it goes too!

  2. That’s so cool, I’ve never seen a cylinder shaped speaker before. I love the cool look of it, too!

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