We Made Sushi At Home!

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That’s right folks! The boyfriend and I made sushi at home for the first time. We are HUGE sushi lovers. If it were cheaper, we would probably eat it every other day. Being the fans that we are, we have always wanted to make our own sushi. We have mentioned it for a few times in the past year, but we have never actually taken the steps to do it ourselves. When I seen the SushiQuik sushi making kit on TV a few weeks ago, I thought, “THAT is exactly what we need!” Well, for once, I was right.

Sushi Quik

The SushiQuik kit comes with all the tools you need to make sushi right at home. I always though making sushi would be more difficult and time consuming than it actually is. I have come to learn that the only time consuming aspect of making sushi (with this kit) is buying the ingredients and cooking the rice. Once you have all of the ingredients and your sticky (sushi) rice made then you are ready to create and roll your very own sushi. The ingredients aren’t hard to find. You can really put anything in a roll that you choose. The only specific ingredients that you need are the sticky rice and the Nori sheets (which is the dark green seaweed wrap that you see in sushi). The sticky rice we found at Publix and the Nori Sheets at Wal-Mart.

Sushi Quik

Making the sushi was as simple as it shows on the video. The more you do it, the better you will get. Our first roll wasn’t a tight as the professionals do it, but it was still just as delicious. We purchased our ingredients according to a few different sushi roll recipes. When we actually made our rolls, however, we made them with whatever we wanted to. We just put our Nori Sheets on the SushiQuik mat, used the nonstick paddle to press the rice onto the Nori Sheets, added our ingredients, rolled the sheets up, placed the SushiQuik Sushi Roll Cutter on top of the roll, and cut the sushi roll into perfectly guided pieces. It turned out great! I forgot to take pictures of the roll afterward. We were too excited to eat it!

Sushi Quik 1

I definitely recommend the SushiQuik kit to any beginners! It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and a great price!

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