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I love companies that are passionate about their goals, customers, and products. I especially love companies that work hard to keep their customers healthy and happy. The best way to keep me happy with healthy snack bars is based on two important qualities. 1. The snack bars have healthy ingredients 2. The snack bars do not taste healthy. haha I know that sounds funny, but I’m serious. I can’t stand that “taste” that a lot of healthy snack bars have. It’s a bland, artificial, gritty taste.  The risk of trying a healthy snack bar that I don’t like, never stops me from trying more. I love finding new snacks that I enjoy, so when I was offered the opportunity to try a healthy snack bar, I said “Sure, why not?”

The Pure Bar’s mission is to provide healthy snacks to the world and to help them live a Pure life. Not only do they provide you healthy snacks, they offer tips and advice on their website on how to live a healthier life! How awesome is that? Now about their snack bars. Using organic, non-GMO fruit and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives, The Pure Bar has the best snacks for your health and your cravings! These bars are absolutely delicious and unique! The Pure Bar has Fruit & Nut bars, Fruit & Veggie Strips, Fruit Sandwiches, and Ancient Grains. The fruit sandwiches are delicious. They remind me of a fruit slices in a bar form. They are a bit sour and a bit sweet. They are chewy and flavorful. The fruit & nut bars have GREAT and unique flavors like Cashew Coconut, Chocolate Brownie, and Apple Cinnamon. These bars are very moist and soft. I love the different flavors! If you want a unique and organic snack, then the Fruit & Veggie strips are perfect for you. They are pure, gluten-free, and Vegan.

 The Pure Bar does fun things on their website like recipe contests, events, and promotions! Make sure to head to their site to see what kind of fun stuff they have going on!

Also, keep in touch by connecting with them on social media! Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / YouTube

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