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George Clooney Tomorrowland

Hello my pretties! If you haven’t heard yet, Disney’s Tomorrowland is releasing May 22, 2015!! I am SO beyond excited about this movie. It looks like it has just the right amount of action, adventure, and creativity to keep me wanting more. The futuristic feel is what really draws me in. I love getting lost in a world created by another. Then again, do we really ever expect anything less than extraordinary from Disney? I think not. 

Here’s The Synopsis: From Disney comes two-time Oscar® winner Brad Bird’s riveting, mystery adventure “Tomorrowland,” starring Academy Award® winner George Clooney. Bound by a shared destiny, former boy-genius Frank (Clooney), jaded by disillusionment, and Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity, embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space known only as “Tomorrowland.” What they must do there changes the world—and them—forever.


So, maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to see the trailer of Tomorrowland. Well folks, GEORGE CLOONEY is in the movie! Ahh… I am totally melting over here. Take the entire family to see this PG movie. It’s really something that everyone will love. Want to learn more about the story behind Tomorrowland? Check out the video below. 

What is Tomorrowland?

Have you ever wondered if movies like this are fun to make? I always watch movies and think “Wow! I bet the actors had a blast playing these parts!” We never really know what goes on behind the scenes. We can only imagine. Well, in true Disney fashion, they are giving us a peek into what it’s like to work on a set like this. 

Citizens of Tomorrowland

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So who is going to see Tomorrowland and what are you the most excited about?

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  1. How cool! I saw a commercial for this and when they people started just appearing in the other land, that’s what made me want to see it. I love anything Disney and I heard some bloggers got to meet Clooney himself! That would have been amazing!

  2. I haven’t heard of this movie yet. It sounds thrilling. I will definitely have to check this out. Glad I saw your post. Can’t pass up a George Clooney movie. I will have to take my nieces or nephews.

  3. I’ve been interested in finding out more about this movie. I don’t have a tv at home, so I only catch previews off and on other places. I’m hoping to see it in Theatres. It looks like a fun movie to take the kids to.

  4. I’m so glad there is another family movie coming out. I feel like between the movies, songs and tv shows that are popular right now, you have to be on edge the whole time waiting to talk loudly or distract your child away from something you don’t think they should be seeing.

  5. I’ve heard of Tomorrowland, and saw some interviews with the cast. It was cool to see the videos you posted and to learn more about the movie and what it is about. It looks really good and really creative. Plus, you can’t go wrong with George Clooney lol.

  6. I will be watching this one and admit only for George Clooney, absolutely big fan! I am most excited about the story line, sounds like amazing story line from videos and trailers! Can’t wait. How I would love to get to meet actor himself, jealous of all bloggers who got to meet him lol

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