Keep Your Hands and Kitchen Clean

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I always need more kitchen towels. I use them for everything. Probably more things than I should. I use them to clean the counters, clean the stove, dry the dishes, to dry my hands, and much more. In my home, kitchen towels are like bobby pins- they are always needed and can never be found! They always disappear. Does anyone else have this pesky problem?

Luxe Home Kitchen Towels

When I was given the opportunity to review a set of kitchen towels I was thrilled! Not only because they are kitchen towels, but because they are MICROFIBER kitchen towels! We are on a microfiber kick in my house. We just discovered how incredible the microfiber products are and we cannot get enough of them. We have microfiber yoga mats, hair towels, clothing, furniture, and even a bean bag chair! The Luxe Home Microfiber Kitchen Towels aren’t anything less than amazing. When I received them I thought, “Are these going to be just like every other kitchen towel?” They certainly are not! They are softer. They are more durable. They even dry quicker than regular towels! They have been times when I have wiped up spills with one of these and expected the towel to be drenched, only to find out that it is a little damp! The absorbency level is way higher than that of a regular towel. I was a bet concerned with the fact that they are white, but after using them, I do not care at all about the color.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a step up in their kitchen cleaning. These are my new favorite towels and they are incredibly affordable!!


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