Keds Champion Tribal Festival-Worthy Kicks

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Keds champion tribal

When you are visiting a concert or music festival, you must know that fashion is just as important as the music. You have to look the part. You have to BE the part. You can’t show up in your Pjs, but you can’t show up in your Sunday’s best either. You have to make a statement. I mean, you want to look cute in all of the festival photos, right? So when you think of music festival patterns what do you think of? I immediately picture tribal/aztec patterns. There’s something about them that just screams BOHO, HIPPIE, and FESTIVAL! Maybe I am a bit biased because I adore these patterns, but I’ve been to enough festivals and concerts to feel pretty comfortable recommending these patterns. 

Keds Champion Tribal

In the past 2 years, I have seen over 50 bands live. That sounds a bit unfair to say because that does include 4 music festivals and you pretty much jump around from band to band with those. One common brand that I seen at these festivals were Keds. Keds are so incredible comfortable and stylish that it’s a go-to brand for anyone that’s on-the-go! One reason that these shoes are so comfortable is because they fit true-to-size. You can slide your feet right in and they are snug enough for you to feel comfortable wearing them on a long walk or a night on uneven terrain. They include flat and round shoe laces, a printed twill material, breathable lining, and and a flexible, textured rubber. They are super comfortable and can be worn with or without socks. The Keds brand is absolutely a go-to brand for me. What I absolutely love is all of the different styles and designs. 

Music festival must have = Keds Champion Tribal

The Champion Tribal Keds are SO perfect. They have a beautiful and fashionable tribal design that is perfect for any festival goer. They come in three different colors: Drizzle Grey, Sky Blue, Eucalyptus Green. I chose the color Drizzle Grey because it matches everything. Every time I wear these anywhere, I get compliments. It doesn’t matter the age. If you love cute shoes, then you will love these. I promise that you will stand out at any festival with these. I wish I owned every Keds design because they are perfect for any casual event. 

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  1. Those shoes are awesome. I’ve never owned any keds before, but they look comfy and I could use some new shoes. Who am I kidding? EVERYONE needs new shoes, right? 😉 Thanks for the great recommendation!

  2. Those look so comfortable! I’m not much for festivals or amusement parks where you have to a lot of standing and wandering about outside. I do love a comfortable casual that looks good.

  3. They look super comfy. I am interested in Eucalyptus Green shade it sounds so different. I agree grey shade matches with anything you would wear, color compliments most of outfit colors

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