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January 2015 Music Box Subscription Review

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Hello again music lovers! I received my January Music Box Subscription in the mail today and boy was I excited when I seen the contents. I love the Music Box Subscription and they never fail to amaze me. They deliver a box of music related goodies that any real music lover would enjoy. I love learning about new artists and musicians each month. Every month is something new, fun, and exciting.

The Music Box may contain CDs, MP3 downloads, bracelets, posters, with something a little extra just because they can. Every month is something different and you can expect everyone’s boxes to be different. The genres vary depending on your choices when you subscribe. The box is only $10 a month.

They recently added The Music Box Envelope which is a compilation CD with a variety of artists and genres. It is only $5.

If you cannot make up your mind or you just want both, you can order The Music Box Bundle. The bundle contains all of the contents of The Music Box, as well as The Music Box Envelope. This is only $13. This is the option that I recommend because it’s a great deal and you get the best of both worlds.

The January Music Box Subscription that I received was just as awesome as the others, but had a bit of a surprise in it (which is a great way to start my year). Let me explain the contents and hopefully you can connect with these artists right along with me!

Music Box Bundles Contents

Beaded necklaces! If you don’t like these then BOO to you. I love this because they make me think of celebrations and fun. I am assuming that was the point of them because we are celebrating a lovely new year of new music, new festivals, and new fun!

Gummy headphones! This was the surprise of the month 😀 I was super excited to receive these “coconut white” headphones! They would make a great gift for someone! The Music Box Subscription really went above and beyond with this lovely surprise!!

The bundle also contained the Music Box Envelope, along with a 2 Cds, a few stickers, band merch, and MP3 downloads.


My Favorite Artists in the Box

of Mice and Mire

Of Mud and Mire – I received an autographed album from them! I really love this Christian light rock band! I have always been a HUGE fan of Christian rock. I am not religious at all, but I do have beliefs. These bands always help me stay in touch with my faith and really make me nostalgic. I have added Of Mud and Mire to my “Finding Faith” library, which contains comparable artists such as Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, and Jesus Culture. Their lyrics are touching, their band is talented, and their voices are full of love and hope! This is definitely a Christian band that I would recommend to anyone! My favorite song on their album, “To The One Who Lifted Me Out”, is “Song in my Head”. It is cute and catchy! You know that an album is impeccable when it brings you to tears, such as the “To The One Who Lifted Me Out” album.

Check them out below

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Skyway Traffic

Skyway Traffic– I received a CD from them in the Music Box First of all, I love the name of their album, “Cooler Than Kanye”. I think it’s unique and appealing. Okay, before I go into why I love their music so much, I need to critique them a bit. There aren’t any audio tags on their CD. In other words, when I play the CD on my computer it doesn’t pull up any of the song/album info. This is definitely something that is important because their music can easily get lost in someone’s music library without song, album, or band titles on the songs. Okay so Skyway Traffic is a badass Pop Rock band. The lead singers voice is really really beautiful. It sounds like he has had years of voice training. It’s really pleasing to the ears. He has a voice that all the teens would fall in love with hehehhe. I am not the biggest fan of pop rock, but this band is really incredible. Their album is professionally recorded and produced. What really sets them apart from other pop bands is that their lyrics are really relatable and laced with RAW emotion! This is a band that I would love to see open for a bigger pop rock band or a band that would do really well at a Music Festival. (yes, I am a music festival geek and I talk about them constantly). I give Skyway Traffic 2 big thumbs up!

Listen to their song, “First Class Liar” below

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Once again, I am very pleased with The Music Box Subscription!

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