It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Celebration Eyeshadow Palette

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It is finally time for the holidays! That means family get togethers, work parties, and a lot of mingling. It is very important that in the midst of all the chaos, that you look your very best! You need to make sure that you makeup is up to par during all of these events. You want your makeup to last all night and for the colors to be fitting for the season. It Cosmetics is the perfect company to turn to this holiday season!

About It Cosmetics

It Cosmetics keeps up with the times. They have limited edition holiday makeup that is basically first come, first serve. These are the releases that I LIVE for! There is something so exciting about a limited edition makeup collection! Just knowing that I have something that not everyone can get is so exhilarating. This being a holiday collection is even more exciting because I look forward to the holidays all year long. It Cosmetics is a makeup company that creates makeup that are clinically tested and approved by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. All of their products were created to help with skin concerns, skin diseases, aging, or acne. You can purchase It Cosmetics products at Ulta Stores nationwide and on QVC. There products are also CRUELTY FREE.

The Limited Edition Naturally Pretty Celebration Eyeshadow Palette

It Cosmetics has released a beautiful eyeshadow palette just in time for the holidays! That Naturally Pretty Celebration palette introduces 15 new holiday eyeshadow shades! 14 of these holiday named shades, are anti-aging, silk-infused matte shadows. The 15th shade is the magical Transforming Ombré Radiance Ribbon Shadow. This Ribbon Shadow can be blended with the 14 other matte shadows, transforming them into gorgeous shimmery shades. I love the idea of changing my shadows into shimmer shadows. It is like using a palette with 28 shades, rather than 14. The shadows are all very natural, hence the name. These are warm shades that will compliment your holiday outfits, whether it be for a party or an every day look. What is incredibly unique about these anti-aging shadows, is that they blur the look of your eyelid lines, making your eyes look much younger and radiant! This palette would be the PERFECT gift for the Beauty Queens in your life this holiday season! Remember it is limited edition, so grab it fast!

Ingredients: Ingredients in the luxurious matte shadows include: hydrolyzed collagen, acai, green tea and Vitamins A, C, & E. These are free of harmful ingredients that will age your skin.

The Colors

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Celebration Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

  • Snow Angel – matte soft cream
  • Champagne – matte pale peach
  • Cozy – matte soft ginger
  • Warm Wishes – matte beige
  • Pink Miracle – matte smokey melon
  • Peace – matte tea rose
  • Wonderland –matte smokey lavender
  • Hot Cocoa – matte mocha brown
  • Gingerbread – matte topaz brown
  • Toasty –matte smokey rose
  • Spice – matte cinnamon brown
  • Sugar Plum – rich matte purple
  • Starry Night – rich muted navy
  • Coal – deep matte slate

My Looks Using  the Naturally Pretty Celebration Palette

Naturally Pretty Celebration Eyeshadow Palette

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