intelliGlass Pro – Maximum Protection for My Precious iPhone Screen

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I think that every iPhone user knows the daily fear of dropping your phone and breaking the screen. The fact is that iPhone are ridiculously expensive (and for a good reason), so we need to protect our iPhones as much as possible. I will personally never use a bulky phone case as protection. I love my iPhone because of how thin and easy to carry it is. A bulky case defeats the purpose, in my opinion.

intelliGlass Pro - Maximum Protection for My Precious iPhone Screen

I’ve used a ton of screen protectors for my iPhone, but nothing quite like the intelliGLASS Pro Hardened Glass Screen Protector. To be completely honest, I didn’t expect to like it. I absolutely hate applying anything to my iPhone screen because, frankly, I am terrible at it. I always end up with bubbles or with an uneven application. I know it’s my fault, but some glass protectors are just cheaply made and will have bubbles no matter how precise your are with applying them. I was very careful with this one. I wanted it to be perfect, especially since it’s hardened glass and could really protect my phone properly.

Notice how thin it is
Notice how thin it is

I followed all of the steps according to the directions. I must say, I LOVED all of the steps before applying the screen protector. Most screen protectors just come with a microfiber cloth to clean your screen, but intelliGLASS know that is not enough. Every time I apply these things, I still have dust or hair underneath the protector, which drives me insane. The directions for this one tell you to wash your hands, then clean your screen with the included alcohol wipe. Next you clean with the microfiber cloth, which is also included. Finally, you will use the dust removal tape to remove any access dust! I’ll tell you, my phone looked brand new after all of this cleaning. My screen was perfect. Next was the application of the hardened glass. Also known as the terrifying step! I carefully applied the screen protector, by holding the edges with two hands. I lined up the Home Screen Button and the speaker button. I carefully placed the glass on my screen and VIOLA!! It was perfect! I placed my fingers in the middle to make sure there weren’t any bubbles and I watched all of the bubbles run out of the sides. It was quite impressive. Just to finalize and perfect it, I used the included squeegee card and ran over the entire screen. This entire process took no more than 5 minutes. 

You cannot even tell it's on my iPhone 6
You cannot even tell it’s on my iPhone 6

I am completely impressed with this intelliGLASS screen protector! I barely even know it’s there. It’s not too thick and it’s definitely not cheap. It was sized and shaped perfectly to cover my entire iPhone screen. I feel so much more comfortable carrying and traveling with my iPhone 6 now! Thanks intelliGLASS!! 

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