Imagine Dragons and Rihanna Hard Rock Limited Edition Merchandise

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Imagine Dragons and Rihanna Hard Rock Limited Edition Merchandise

Everyone knows all about the famous Hard Rock! They are known for their live music, cafes, hotels, and casinos. When I think of Hard Rock I think of Rock & Roll, fame, and luxury! I’ve never thought about checking out their merchandise. Actually, I wasn’t aware that they had merchandise. Well, to my surprise they don’t only have Hard Rock merch. They have collaborate with bands to create limited edition merch for their customers and fans! How exciting is that? It only makes sense!

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The band Imagine Dragons and Hard Rock International have partnered up to create a limited edition merchandise line, called: Imagine Dragons Signature Series: Edition 33. The funds from the t-shirt and pins sold go to help families of pediatric cancer patients in the Typer Robinson Foundation. “Slay cancer, with dragons” is the slogan for this campaign. Medical expenses can become very costly and many families go into debt when dealing with these expenses, so why not help support the families that need it the most? The best part is that you get a cool t-shirt and/or pins out of it!

I love my Imagine Dragons Signature Series 33 shirt! The design is super cool and the t-shirt is soft and comfortable. The design is a bird in a nest with a guitar, as if the guitar built into the nest of twigs. It says Imagine Dragons and has birds flying in the distance. The graphic isn’t heavy or thick, so it will never peel off or fade.

Imagine Dragons Signature Series Edition 33

Purchase this shirt online here

Or purchase in any Hard Rock cafe locations near you

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Another great tee that I recommend is for Rihanna fans. It’s the Rihanna Artist Spotlight Tee. The design on this is pretty epic, which is in true Rihanna fashion! The front of this ladies boyfriend style tee has Rihanna’s face inside of an American Flag Skull. Rihanna, with a backwards R, runs right through the skull. The back has Rihanna’s signature right beneath the neck and says Hard Rock.

I think it’s awesome that Hard Rock teamed with Rihanna for this stylish tee. It is a great fit and very comfortable. Like the other tee, the graphics aren’t going to fade or peel off because it is well made.

Rihanna Artist Spotlight Tee

Purchase this shirt online ONLY here

Imagine Dragons and Rihanna Hard Rock Limited Edition Merchandise

I think these shirts are great for music festivals! There’s nothing like repping your favorite artists while you are around music lovers. I know that some people think it’s cheesy to wear band shirts to actual concerts (especially when you’re seeing the band/musician that’s on your shirt). I, however, believe in showing off your dedication to your fave bands!

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