Illuminate Your Life With Aurorae Yoga Candles

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Illuminate Your Life With Aurorae Yoga CandlesIlluminate your life with Aurorae’s collection of aromatherapy candles intended to help you focus while meditating or create a calm personal space while relaxing.

I am a candle hoarder. Seriously, I have a candle closet. It’s packed full of candles. Basically, if there’s a power outage, I will not be phased, haha. I am always adding to my collection. I love new and different scents. I know a good candle when I burn one. A good candle has a long scent throw. A good candle has a lot of life in it. A good candle has a scent like no other. A good candle burns easily. I could continue, but you get it. 

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I received one of Aurorae’s soy candles and I was immediately impressed. I love the nice tin container that it comes in. It’s would be a perfect gift for someone. The Vanilla scent is very distinct and soothing. This is definitely a scent that I could imagine being used for meditation, as intended. The slow and even burn are both great qualities of this candle. The 6.8oz candle is the perfect stocking stuffer! Light the candle, breathe, and focus with an open mind.

Illuminate Your Life With Aurorae Yoga Candles

Aurorae’s 100% Soy Candles are not only non-toxic, eco-safe, and burn clean, but come in a recyclable tin container and are available in 15 different soothing scents. Each scent aligns itself with a short meditation:

Lavender ~ Harmony
Eucalyptus ~ Healing
Vanilla ~ Compassion
Rose ~ Patience
Cinnamon ~ Creativity
Passion Raspberry ~ Spirit
Chocolate ~ Love
Pine ~ Growth
Pumpkin Pie ~ Warmth
Candy Cane ~ Cooling
Ocean ~ Perserverance
Tropical ~ Peace
Corcovado ~ Energy (NEW this fall)
Sandalwood ~ Devotion (NEW this fall)
Sugar Cookies ~ Passion (NEW this fall)


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