I Made Rocket Ice Pop Molds (and an astronaut)!

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Zoku Space Pops Ice Pop Molds

Zoku is a company that dedicates their time to creating innovative houseware products that we can all find use in. You can find comfort in knowing that you will be receiving a product unlike any other. Their products are so unique and creative that you wish you’d thought of them yourself. What I love is their products is that they are made for the entire family to enjoy together.

Zoku Space Pop Molds with Vitamin Water


I received the Zoku Space Pops Ice Pop Molds and I was tickled! They are called Space Pops because they include 5 rocket molds and 1 astronaut mold. The astronaut mold is in a silicone mold and the others are plastic. I think the molds are so cute because they have an incredible amount of detail; more detail than you’d expect from a product this low-priced. The great thing about ice pop molds is that you can fill them with anything your heart desires. Since I am on the Nutrisystem Diet I had to make sure to fill mine with something healthy. I chose Vitamin Water Zero.

Zoku Space Pop Molds- Vitamin Water Zero

I wanted to surprise my mom for her upcoming visit, so I decided to try to mold these the night before she arrived. She has a love for anything related to space. Maybe it’s because she’s out of this world. Haha! Horrible Pun. These were quick and easy to use. All I needed to do was snap the stick and the drip guard together, pour in the Vitamin water, add the sticks to the tops, and pop it in the freezer for 8+ hours. The rocket molds are awesome because they can be removed from the base. This makes it easier to wash them. I love the astronaut because you pull him right out of his silicone mold and he’s ready to go. The rockets were difficult to pull out though. I think my freezer was too cold because they were rock hard. I ended up needing to pour water on the mold to loosen the rockets. After pulling them out I could see how fun and detailed they were!

Zoku Space Pop Molds

My mom and I enjoyed these on her first night here. This was a fun treat to share together! These molds are perfectly for a family activity or a family fun night. They are quick and easy to do. They’d be perfect for the kids to help with!

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