How to Create REAL Spiral Curls!

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Ladies, there are a ton of different hair styling products on the market. How do you choose just one? When it comes to curling irons and wands, I don’t choose just one! I will try any curling iron because they are all different in their own ways. Have you ever curled your hair and then realized that it doesn’t look anything like the pictures? Sometimes it is the iron, but most of the time it is because you aren’t doing it the right way. That is why Xtava created an iron with a spiral guide!

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This guided iron is very unique. This is definitely something that I have never seen before. It is also something that I never even thought of. I must say that it was a bit confusing at first. I didn’t understand what the plastic spiral guide was for, just by looking at it. The instruction explain how to use it, but it is still a bit confusing. I think that if the instructions included How-To pictures, it would help a lot! The iron actually works really great. I LOVE how pretty my curls are afterward. This curling iron does what others promise to do- it gives your REAL spiral curls! Along with curling my hair, it smoothed it. It took me awhile to realize how to use it, but after I learned it was a breeze! The tip of the iron is heat resistant so you can curl your hair with ease. I also like the clamp because it holds your hair in place while you curl your hair into it. This thing is so easy to use now that I know understand it.  Now that I see the spiral curls it gives my hair, I will be using this A LOT! I always try to achieve these gorgeous spirals, but no other iron can do it for me. It heats within seconds and curls within seconds. I definitely suggest this iron to anyone looking for a REAL spiral curl!


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