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Christmas is over and now we are all thinking about New Years and Valentine’s Day. Well, I am at least. In our fast-paced world we need to be prepared for the next holiday as soon as one ends. I always prepare as soon as possible because I want exactly what I want without the fear of it selling out or not making it to my house on time. When I buy a dress I usually don’t know how I want to accessorize it until it arrives, so the sooner, the better. This is dress #4 in my 12 Holiday Dresses series

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Three Shots in this Sexy Red Dress

Bitter Lollipop makes dresses catered specifically for women with a large bust. They know the struggle of finding dresses that fit when you have a large bust. Formed by a woman that had trouble finding clothing that fit her body properly, Bitter Lollipop gives you the best possible look. You no longer need to size up to make sure that the dress will support your breasts without being too tight. The best part is that  their dresses come in a variety of sizes that you don’t find anywhere else. You will choose you regular dress size and then choose your cup size that matches the dress size. For example, I wear a US 6/8 dress and a 36DD Bra. The UK 10 Busty seemed to be the best fit for me based on their size chart

Red Valentines Day Dress from Bittersweet Lillipop

For my fourth dress in the 12 Holiday Dresses series, I chose something sexy and romantic. I wanted a dress that really showed off my curves and that took me out of my comfort zone. After losing 18lbs, I wanted to show off my figure. I have to admit, a form-fitting dress is quite scary. I thought about Valentine’s Day and how surprised my boyfriend would be to see me step out in this beauty! I’d say that this is definitely a classic dress. It would be something that would be worn by women of all ages. 

Red Valentines Day Dress from Buttersweet Lillipop

The Elena 3/4 Sleeve Red Midi Dress makes me feel sexier than I’ve ever felt. I am not exaggerating either. When I first put the dress on I felt insecure right away because like I said, I am not used to a dress so form fitting. I was afraid that it looked weird on me. I showed my boyfriend to get a second opinion (so much for surprising him) and he was blown away. I threw on my heels and gave it another look and I was sold. I’ve never had a dress hug my body so perfectly. My breasts didn’t feel (or look) squished or constricted. It wasn’t too loose on my body like other dresses that fit my breasts. The length was new to me, as well. I am 5’0 even and it falls a little below the knees. I love it. I don’t have to show a lot of skin to look or feel great! The material of the dress itself is very high-quality. It’s strong and thick enough to fit my body without showing my imperfections underneath. It was made beautifully too. All dresses are made to order!

Representing My Beautiful Disney Luggage

The material of the dress itself is very high-quality. It’s strong and thick enough to fit my body without showing my imperfections underneath. It was made beautifully too. There weren’t any stray or loose threads. The material is breathable and flexible. You can walk, sit, stand, and bend without the dress wrinkling or sticking. I love it!

This is an incredible holiday dress for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even birthdays. I think it’s a perfect dress to boost your confidence and show off those curves!

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