Holiday Christmas Dress #1 – BLK +BLU Heart Skater Dress #12HolidayDresses

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Every year I hunt for the best Christmas dress for me. Sometimes it isn’t so easy. Dresses can be expensive, too familiar, or poorly made. This year I decided to share my favorite holiday dresses within hopes that you can find something beautiful too. This is dress #1 in my 12 Holiday Dresses series

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Pretties 12 Dresses of Christmas BLK BLUE Christmas Dress

BLK + BLU has a great variety of dresses that would be perfect for Christmas this year. What caught my eye about their site is that they offer luxurious clothing at an affordable price. I don’t use the world affordable loosely either. All of their clothing is genuinely affordable for the average woman. I am going to focus on their gorgeous dresses, but everything is low-priced especially in comparison to the incredible quality that your receive. Their dresses are all under $100, many falling right around $50. If you wear dresses then you know that it’s hard to find a nice dress at a good price. Christmas dresses are the most difficult. You don’t want something too cliché and you need something that works for the event that you are wearing it to. Obviously a family event would require a more casual dress than a fancy cocktail party.

For my first dress of the 12 Holiday Dresses series, I chose a classic red dress. I know the color is a bit typical for Christmas, but it’s my favorite color and I am loving the Skater Dress style. I figured the style was a bit different from the traditional Christmas dresses. I also wanted something that I could wear anytime without it being a typical “Christmas Dress”. 

Pretties 12 Dresses of Christmas BLK BLUE Christmas Dress Holiday Dress

The Heart Skaters Dress fits me a little tight around the wait, but I like how it fits everywhere else. It flows very nicely and the length is perfect for me! I love pairing it with my sexy black heels and my black clutch. This will be a perfect dress for any Christmas parties that I attend. It is an incredbly well-made dress! The inconspicuous zipper on the side is strong and doesn’t catch at all. The material feels very nice against your skin. I love the lattice detail on the front. I feel so confident in this dress. It definitely gives you the WOW factor! 

If you’re shopping for the perfect Christmas Dress this year, head to BLK + BLU. I promise you will find something that fits your style. You can check out their gorgeous leggings, cute tops, and unique 2 Piece Sets while you’re there!

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  1. Oh my gosh – I love this! You are totally rocking it girl! You look so cute in this dress! The color is perfect on you. The waist line is great too. I like how it looks like a belt. I cannot believe the price on this dress, I would have thought $150+ easy. I love the idea of 12 Dresses of Christmas too – I can’t wait to see what else you have in store.

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