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Hallmark Kiddie Car Classics #LoveHallmark (1)In my family we collect things. I don’t know what it is about us, but we just love classic and retro things. My mom has a crazy Coca-Cola collection, my step dad has a very cool comic book and figurine collection, and my grandpa has an awesome decorative car collection. I, on the other hand, have a very wide arrange of products in my display case. If it looks cool, funny, weird, classic, or fun then I will collect it! haha. With that said, I was so excited to hear the news that Hallmark’s line of Kiddie Car Classics is cruising back into stores! Talk about excitement and nostalgia all in one! How could I not be excited about limited edition classic care replicas? Am I a nerd? lol

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I received the 1965 Ford Mustang Limited Edition Kiddie Car Classics. This car is absolutely beautiful. I was completely impressed with the design and precision of this little pedal car. This little gem is sitting in my display case right now and is one my most prized possessions. My boyfriend absolutely adores it. We love how the pedals and steering wheel, moves the wheels. What really makes me feel special about this car is that it is limited edition and is numbered (Mine is 5214/6000). Now I know what I want for Christmas – the coordinating Keepsake Ornament, which is sold separately. (Learn more about Hallmark GarageI also need the 1958 Chevrolet Corvette because that bad boy is beautiful! 

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If you don’t know much about cars, here is a bit more information about the 1965 Mustang and why Hallmark choose this specific car to be replicated. This information is also shown on the collector card, which is included with your limited edition Kiddie Car Classics.

The ’58 featured quad headlamps, washboard hood, and chrome around every corner, including trunk spears and a streamlined grill. Don took the heart and soul of the ’58 and modeled a collectible after it for kids of all ages to enjoy. His process involves seeing the classic car in person, researching catalogs, and studying archival photos. It’s Don’s little tribute to a big part of America’s sports car history.

Named for a naval warship, the Corvette debuted as a concept car at the ’53 GM Motorama. Only 300 of the original handcrafted model were made, each in Polo White. Five years later, more than 9,000 Corvettes were produced in eight colors with four engine options. 

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Hallmark’s Kiddie Car Classics are original, unique, and a perfect collectables to display in your home. These make great gifts for the men in your life! With Father’s Day right around the corner and so many birthdays and anniversaries on the horizon, you should definitely think Hallmark! They provide you with quality gifts that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

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  1. SO CUTE! Seriously, I can think of several people that would love these (including me!) I had no idea about this line before your post. You always know about the coolest things! Thanks for posting. I’m for sure going to get some of these.

  2. If my grandfather were still alive I’d get this for him. He loved collectibles like this car. Actually I wish I knew about it before Mother’s Day because my mother takes after him with these things. She would have loved it as well!

  3. Such a cute ornament!! It reminds me of my father and his father 🙂 They are both old car buffs 🙂 Would be a great memento of my dad to have on our tree this year!

  4. Wow so cute, great as gift option.I am Mustang fan someone needs to gift these to me lol. Will make hubby read this post. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  5. We collect things here too! I collect flamingos and elephants – and rocks!!! My boys all have collections too. My 13 year old collects Coke, stamps, rocks, and shells. My 9 year old collects stamps and rocks. My 3 year old collects stickers and rocks. My niece (only 1) that lives with us has a great start on Dora!

  6. Super cute! My boyfriend is in love with cars and I would love to give this to him. 🙂

  7. This car is awesome! Growing up, my BF’s dad had a mustang convertible just like this but in canary yellow. It was his pride and joy. He took us for a ride in it once – it was so fun!

  8. this would be really love in my home i have bears who could use it and i remember it when i ws a kid we had one and love them to ride

  9. My husband would love this ornament. I love Hallmark and have a lot of the barbie line from the early 90s that I really need to send to my daughter for her tree.

  10. If my Dad was still alive, I would give this to him. He would have loved it 🙁 If I win, I would think of him when I put it on our tree.

  11. o my goodness , i love this. my husband would go crazy if i won this for him. thanks for the chance at this

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