Guylian is a Chocolate Lovers Dream

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I am not the average person. I don’t really have a sweet tooth. I get a craving every once in awhile for sweets or chocolate, but that’s about it for me. With that said, you can imagine how picky I am when it comes to chocolates and sweets. It has to be something delectable for me to waste my craving on it! I don’t want to give something ordinary or average something as rare as my sweets craving! hahaha. One thing that I find disgusting is cheap chocolate. I can immediately tell if the chocolate was cheaply made and I will refuse to eat it. I want my chocolate creamy and smooth. I want chocolate made with a little TLC. I want Guylian Belgian Chocolate and I want it now!

Does your mouth water like mine when you think of Belgian chocolate? If so, then you will LOVE the Guylian Belgian Chocolate! Guylian chocolate is everything that you want in a good chocolate. It is creamy, milky, smooth, flavorful, and delicious! My favorite way to eat Guylian chocolate is to pop a piece in my mouth and let it melt. It is so delectable that I want to savor it for as long as I possibly can. The chocolate is very light, almost airy, like a mousse on the inside.

Guylian’s chocolates come in a variety of different flavors and forms. They have a little bit of everything: chocolate collections, individually wrapped truffles, chocolate bars, and gift collections! These come in a ton of flavors that will have your mouth watering just thinking about them! The very best chocolates come in: Hazelnut, Soft Caramel, Milk Chocolate, No Sugar Added, and Extra Dark. What I absolutely love is the beautiful gift boxes that some of these come in. They are already wrapped with a beautiful ribbon/bow on them, so you can hand them out as is! Something very unique about Guylian chocolates is that they are shaped like little seahorses! These would make great gifts for anyone this holiday season! Remember, Guylian is a Chocolate Lovers Dream!


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  1. I live for fabulous chocolate! Not the cheap stuff! This sounds absolutely decadent 🙂 I must have it!!! I’d love the extra dark! And then I could say it’s good for me too 😉

  2. I would like these for our family Christmas get together next week; Milk Chocolate Seahorse Truffles with Milk Chocolate Filling-

  3. I’m most excited to try the extra dark because I just love dark chocolate. But it all sounds delicious!

  4. I love chocolate (good chocolate) and I would love to try the Marbled Seahorse Truffles with Signature Hazelnut Filling.

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