Gurin Ceramic Flat Iron Review

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I am a curly haired curl with straight hair dreams! I have always adored straightening my hair. Like most women, I want what I don’t have- straight hair. My hair isn’t only curly, it’s thick, dry, and frizzy. It’s basically a big mess and a whole lot of trouble. I have an issue with straightening my hair – it takes FOREVER! I have always searched for a straightener that allowed me to straighten my hair quicker and more efficiently. I will admit, I have come across some good ones. 

Gurin Before and After Photo

I was surprised when I opened my box to find a beautiful red, silk bag with this flat iron. It’s nice to carry it in a fashionable way. Plus, red is my favorite color. I can’t complain too much about that! haha. The next thing I noticed was how heavy this iron is. If a hair tool is TOO light, it seems cheap to me. This one was a bit heavier than I prefer, making me think that it’s an older design. I have only used this to straighten my bangs and it does its job for the most part. I like that I can adjust the temperature with the knob on the inside of the iron. I like a lower heat setting for my bangs because if it’s too high they will be full of static and just strange looking. It really leaves my bangs looking shiny and feeling very soft. My biggest concern is the fact that the darn plates pull my hair. Every time I use this it pulls my hair, leaving me with a very uncomfortable experience. 

Gurin Flat Iron

Overall, I like that it leaves my hair shiny and I like the temperature settings. I give this 3 stars because I don’t like the weight of the straightener or the fact that it pulls my hair. I think it’s a decent backup straightener. 

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  1. Ive been on the lookout for a straightener, because mine is so gross. It seems like a lot of these things have ptoblems with hair pulling. Sad to hear this one has that same issue 🙁

  2. I love this and I so need one too. Thanks for all the information on the products…

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