A Grown Up Halloween – Halloween ideas for adults

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Written By: Lucy Tanner

Halloween is celebrated worldwide during the Fall and in the last decade it has become an increasingly popular occasion for adults who embrace wholeheartedly the dressing up and ghoulishness by wearing costumes worthy of The Walking Dead. So how else can we make this special night more suited to grown-up fun?

Grown Up Fun

In an adults’ world, Halloween has transformed over the years and is far from the apple bobbing and trick or treat era when many of us dressed up as a witch or just wore a mask and a white sheet. Grown-ups try to have even more fun and many of us will go to the extent of putting together extravagant events such as fright nights, ghoulish games and themed murder parties accompanied by

A Grown Up Halloween – Halloween ideas for adults

Perhaps we are rediscovering our inner child and Halloween has become the best excuse to dress up and have fun? If you’re short on ideas, how about organizing games such as the Halloween feel box? Guests will have to use their hands to guess what’s in the covered box – anything goes from worm-like cooked spaghetti to damp sponges feeling which will feel like mushy brains. If your friends love their horror films, then a Halloween movie quiz could ignite some competition. Another great game to play is Halloween Jinx, where certain words are taboo (like “Halloween”, “scary”, “pumpkin”, “sweets” etc) and guests who say one of them during the party lose the game.

A Grown Up Halloween – Halloween ideas for adults

Cobwebs and Tarot Cards

If you want to have the ultimate memorable Halloween party, then why not ask a tarot reader to come along and surprise your guests? Dress the house in pretend cobwebs and a witches’ cauldron to create the atmosphere, and perhaps get a crystal ball to add some authenticity. If you can’t get a tarot reader to join you, you could buy some spooky Tarot cards like the deck and ask someone you know to pretend to be a Tarot reader. Provide them with several bits of information about your friends beforehand so that they look like the real thing. The images on these tarot cards will be perfect for Halloween, with mysterious pictures of demons, cemeteries, ghosts and witches. It will be an exciting topic of conversation for the rest of the evening as guests share their readings!

A Grown Up Halloween – Halloween ideas for adults

The Zombie Attack

It seems the best part about Halloween is dressing up, with women wanting to look scary and sexy, and men attempting to be the most scarred or bloodied-looking character in the area. Whether you want to be a nurse who has been attacked by zombies or a classic beauty in a ball gown with your guts hanging out, there are plenty of options. There are some really unusual and quirky costumes available now and the Halloween marketplace is flooded with ideas, accessories, and home decorations. You can even buy life-size scary figures which plug in and move around in your home, vampire faces that light up and hang on your door, or remote-controlled hands that jump around on the floor.

Pull out all the stops this year with Halloween and plan the best party your friends will ever experience! 

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