Golden Girls Jeans: For the Curvy Girls

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Golden Girls Clothing has a variety of clothing for women of many sizes. Have you ever heard of mom jeans? Most of us think of the ugly, strange jeans our moms wore while growing up. My mom grew up in the 70s and was born in the 60s. Enough said. So, Golden Girls Clothing offers jeans for curvy women, capris, plus size pants and jeans, and skirts. Yes, the jeans are high wasted, but they are fashionable and comfortable.

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I received a pair of Golden Girls Jeans from the curvy jeans section to review. I don’t really view myself as a “curvy girl”, but hey I’ve been told that I am. Whether or not you are curvy, the have jeans for you! The jeans are trendy, stretchy, and again, they are soooo comfortable. The high waste is perfect to make you look and feel slimmer! I love the different styles and colors that you can choose from with the Golden Girls Curvy Jeans. There’s no fussing with a pesky zipper. You can pull them right up, and be on your way. They are great for all ages whether you are 30 or 80.

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I received model number: GG178DS. These a medium blue comfort slim leg jeans. Well, I have to say, these legs are not slim. They are more of a relaxed fit on me. Also, I am only 5’0, so they are a bit too long for me. It is okay, I am okay with doing an under roll with them. Nobody knows the difference. Everyone’s body is different, but these come up right below my belly button, so they are not too high that it looks weird. I love the blue color of the jeans. They are really beautiful. I will end up giving these to my mom because she is a tad bit taller than I am. I would love to try their other styles because they have a lot to choose from.

Golden Girls Jeans For the Curvy Girls

I am sure the #1 question you have about these jeans is: Do they look like mom jeans? No. I don’t think they do. I am 26 and I don’t mind wearing them. You can make anything look sexy with confidence!

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