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Among the countless experiences during our Jungle Book press trip, we had the opportunity to watch The Jungle Book in Dolby Cinemas at AMC Prime. Now, if you’ve never been to a Dolby Cinema then you don’t know what you are missing! It’s the most comfortable and technologically advanced theater that I’ve had stepped foot in! I am so lucky that my first experience in a Dolby Cinema was watching a live-action remake to the classic film, The Jungle Book. I have to tell you all about my experience because I want everyone to visit a Dolby Cinema for this film. 

Press Screening For Disney's "The Jungle Book"
BURBANK – APRIL 04 – Press Screening of Disney’s “The Jungle Book” at the AMC PRIME THEATER on April 3, 2016 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Becky Fry/My Sparkling Life for Disney)

So, one of my favorite things about the AMC Burbank theater is the full bar and the variety of snack and food options! There’s a little bit of everything, so you can get a full experience of comfort and entertainment – it’s like a home away from home. 

Before you even sit down, your Dolby Cinema experience begins! The pathway to your seats has a beautiful, curved wall with dynamic audio and video! I was walking with the Zootopia characters as I entered the theater. It reminds me of an amusement park! It’s like they are giving you a sneak peek at what’s to come.

Premium Seating at Dolby Cinemas in AMC Prime

Dolby Cinemas Reclining Chairs

Next, you step into the huge, beautiful theater. You will immediately be impressed by the layout. Each row feels private and is spacious. It takes no time to relax in a Dolby Cinema. And no theater is as comfortable as the Dolby Cinema! With fully reclining, functional seats you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a cinematic adventure of a lifetime! You have full control over the back of your seat the foot of your seat. I chose a position that was perfect for me to relax during the movie. Don’t worry about laying too far back either! The carefully designed theater makes for an optimal view from every position and every seat in the theater. Each row is spacious enough for you to lay back, kick your feet up, and not worry about moving for passing guests. The seats are large, soft, and comfortable. If you buy a ticket for a Dolby Cinema, you can choose your seats! This makes it perfect for families to get comfortable together, in their favorite location of the theater. 

Watching The Jungle Book at Dolby Cinema AMC Prime

While the initial attraction of the chairs is a big deal and perfect for the kids, I think the audio and video is the most impressive feature of a Dolby Cinema. We were lucky enough to get a little presentation and Q&A with Stuart Bowling, the Director, Content and Creative Relations at Dolby Laboratories. He showed us the difference between the picture at an average theater and a Dolby Cinema picture. “Wow!” is all I can say. The picture is so crisp, clean, and clear that you feel like you’re in the movie. An experience doesn’t get more immersive than this. The colors are bright, beautiful, and true to the natural colors that we see in the “real world”. At most theaters, a black screen isn’t really black. At a Dolby Cinema, a black screen it pitch black! You can’t see your hand in front of you when the screen goes black. It’s quite impressive! 

The Jungle Book in Dolby Cinemas at AMC Prime

The sound – oh the sound is just as impressive as the picture. Dolby Cinemas use what’s called “moving audio” which is basically what we hear in real life. Just think about being in a group of people in a busy place. You hear noises all around you! That’s exactly the experience that a Dolby Cinema gives you. The sound is panned all around you. There are speakers everywhere – even above you! If there’s a bird flying through the movie, it will sound like it’s flying above your head. The experience is really powerful and intense. The action-packed moments in The Jungle Book were really intense because you can literally feel the seats rumble as the action takes place! If you were any closer to the action, you’d be high in the trees with Mowgli, staring Kaa right in the eyes. 

With the premium seating, ideal viewing, quality visuals and sound, why would you ever choose another theater? Yes, it’s more expensive then your average theater, but the experience in one that cannot be matched. I mean, would you rather go to the fair or to an amusement park? You can’t compare the two because one experience is much greater than the other! I’d watch all of my most anticpated films in a Dolby Cinema if I could! Don’t watch a movie – go on an adventure! Take your family on an immersive, captivating journey with Dolby Cinemas!

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