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Your smile really says a lot by you. We live in a very appearance based society, to say it nicely. You will be judge on your smile and your teeth, whether you like it or not. You can dress beautifully and be the cleanest person in the world, but people will judge your smile. Having a clean smile is important though. Taking good care of your teeth is important to your health. Without taking care of your teeth, you can develop gum disease, bacteria, and many other serious issues! Even if you pay special attention to your oral health care, years of drinking the wrong products (or smoking) will stain your teeth! Everyone can use a nice stain remover for their teeth. That is why you should give the gift of a beautiful smile this year!


About Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant is an actual dental lab that offers their customers the very best, precise, and healthy teeth whitening kits. While a lot of dentists offer very expensive cosmetic teeth whitening, Smile Brilliant offers teeth whitening that is lasting! So what is so different about Smile Brilliant’s Teeth Whitening System?

1. The Price!! It is very affordable!
2. Your molds are perfectly customized to fit your teeth
3. Their 22% whitening gel is used by dentists across the world!
4. The whitening gel is a pure blend of carbamide peroxide with NO fillers or mixed blends.
5. They offer the most dramatic professional results in the least amount of days with the least amount of maintenance.


How It Works

The Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit does not work by adding a paste to your teeth; it works by removing the stains on your teeth. That means that it WILL last. A false whitening paste only lasts as long as the paste does. Those type of whitening systems are not whitening your teeth. Look at it this way, if you paint your nails a certain color, it only lasts as long as the polish does. So here is how the Smile Brilliant Whitening System works:

1. You receive your kit which includes custom-fitted trays and 3 whitening gel syringes
2. Mix your dental impression materials together, add to trays to create your top and bottom molds (extra materials in case you make a mistake)
3. After your impressions have dried and hardened, throw them in the prepaid shipping envelope, and ship them out.
4. Within a few days the lab will receive them and create your custom dental molds.
5. Within another few days you will receive the molds and you can begin the whitening process!
6. Brush your teeth and floss
7. Add the whitening gel to your molds and place them in your mouth
8. Leave them in for the approximate time listed in the instructions (time depends on the extent of your stains)
9. Remove them, rinse and dry the molds.
10. Add the desentisizing gel because your teeth may be a bit sensitive after using the whitening gel.
11. Rinse and dry the molds.
12. Enjoy your new and beautiful smile!

My Results and Experience

Smile Brilliant Results

First of all, I have to mention that EVERYONE’S results WILL be different! It really depends on how stained your teeth are. Someone who has drank coffee and/or smoked their entire life would need their teeth whitened more than someone who has not. With that said, the more stains you have, the more whitening gel you would need to use. Also, keep in mind that if for some reason, you are not happy with your results, you have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

As for my results. I want to mention that my teeth seemed a little yellow, but nothing major. I am not a smoker, but I am a southern girl who has drank sweet tea her entire life! I’ve always wanted to try a whitening system, but never really had the opportunity until now. When I heard about Smile Brilliant, I had a good feeling about them. After other testimonials and after speaking to one of their representatives, I was fairly confident. I mean, any company who offers a money back guarantee, believes in their products! I would go into detail about the packaging, but I want to jump right into my results!

So, after receiving my incredibly accurate molds, I decided to whiten my teeth immediately! I followed the rules and added the whitening gel to the molds. I fit the molds onto my teeth. They were very comfortable and the gel does not taste disgusting like I have heard it does with other teeth whitening systems. I left them on my teeth for about 20-30 minutes. The instructions say to leave in for 15 mins to 3 hours. I was worried about my teeth becoming too sensitive, so I didn’t leave them in for very long. After I removed the trays and spit out the remaining gel, I looked at my teeth. I literally wanted to cry. I have not seen my teeth this white in YEARS! They look so pretty that they look fake! My boyfriend was in shock when I showed him! After only ONE use my teeth looked as white as can be! I didn’t even know that they were that stained until I seen how white they could become again. This is a company that I can stand by. I DEFINITELY recommend that anyone looking to improve their smile, to try these out! These would also make an incredible gift for anyone, because seriously, who doesn’t want whiter teeth?

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  1. I need this! I will check out the link. I drink tea, and coffee, and my teeth are getting pretty brown – yuck. Thanks for the great review! Excellent photos really help me feel like I know the product!

  2. Your teeth look really good. It’s nice to have your own teeth whiting system in the convenience of your own home. Plus it’s always nice to have a money back guarantee. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Valerie,

      No I didn’t experience any sort of pain at all. The molds are so precise that they do not put any pressure on your gums.


  3. Wow. What a difference. I have wanted to try an at home whitening system, but with so many out there it is hard to know what ones will work and which ones will cause pain. I also like that they make custom molds of your teeth and not just use oversize bite trays. Your smile looks great. I like your review of The Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit!

  4. Wow. I see the results even after one use! I really want to try this now because my teeth have been getting yellowish and i want them to be really white!(:

  5. Great review. Great before and after pics! I would love to try this product to make my smile a little whiter and brighter. Everyone feels so much better when they are confident with their smile.

  6. I can’t imagining anyone not wanting to win this especially around the holidays with all the sweets we are eating and coffee we are slinging back to keep up and wrap all those gifts!

  7. Great prize! I have this but have yet to use it. I do agree though with the being judged part. I was supposed to get braces growing up but instead of getting them, my parents spent money on their addiction which was cigarettes. Never got them nor did I grow up in a house where people brushed their teeth properly. I picked up on that habit at a young age and deeply regret it. I’ve never liked my smile for that reason along with others. I got called Buck Teeth or Beaver throughout my earlier school years. I hate my smile and even if I whitened my teeth, I’m really not sure I would ever be confident enough in my smile. :/

  8. Your Teeth look great!:) I’m big on teeth and always feel mine could be whiter. This would do the trick 🙂 Thank You

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