Gifts For Him: The Big Mouth Inc Army Man Mug

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Big Mouth Inc Army Man Mug

I am in love with Big Mouth Inc! They have so many fun novelty and home items that I just can’t resist browsing their website for hours. There are so many unique things that you could cross every name off of your shopping list. If you have any sense of humor, then you will love their items too. With Father’s Day coming up, I figured that they had to have something that I could find for my father figure. 

Big Mouth Inc Army Mug

The Army Man Mug is a perfect gift for my step dad. I was so excited to see this mug because it reminds of a story my step father told me about his love for the little toy soldiers growing up. He told me about how he would play with them in the yard and bury them. You know, all the things that boys did before technology took over the world. Well, he still lives in his childhood home. He told me that when it rains, he still finds those little soldiers washing up. It’s been a good 40 years! How funny is that? This Army mug is PERFECT for him because it will make him nostalgic.

The mug is quite large! He’s a big guy and when he makes a drink, it’s with the largest mug he can find. The mug is very simplistic, too. The design reminds me of an old school novelty item. I am not sure if he will use it or just display it, but either way, it’s a really great Father’s day gift! I placed it in my display cabinet, just to give you an idea of what it looks like. 

Army Man Mug Display

I recommend this mug for the man of the house. He will love the size, style, and design of the mug. The handle is large and easy to grip too. Put a smile on dad’s face with this unique mug!

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  1. Okay first I want to say, I WANT YOUR DISPLAY CABINET… All of it! Bwahaha. So jealous. As far as this mug, there are sooooooo many people I could give this to! I am totally going to have to check out the store and place some orders before Christmas!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Whaaaatt! I need this mug. I also looked around your gift guide for him and like the scotch glasses too. It can be so hard to shop for Mr Man as he will say he wants something and then 3 days later he will just go out any purchase it. Arrg.

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