Gift For The Groom: Hipster Foil Icons Composition Notebook

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Weddings tend to be all about the bride. She is pampered and showered with love and gifts. The bride gets all of the attention. I think that the groom is forgotten a lot of the time. It’s his wedding too and he should get a little something special to celebrate his big day. A lot of grooms send their bride a gift before the big day, just as a reminder that they are thinking of her. I think it would be cute for a bride to do the same for her groom. 

Gift For The Groom Hipster Foil Icons Composition Notebook

The Hipster Foil Icons Composition Notebook is a great gift for a hubby-to-be from his bride. I love the idea of writing in the notebook every day for a month or so leading up to the wedding and giving him the notebook the night before the wedding. It would be so sweet and any man in love would appreciate something so sweet and thoughtful. The design on the notebook is really nice too. The gold foil really stands out. This is totally a “guys” notebook with the facial hair, pipes, and bikes. It’s definitely a hipster style. The cover is a very nice matte finish and it has 50 lined pages on the inside. This is a great gift for the groom or from a groom to his groomsmen! 

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