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I am a recent college graduate. After school, my eyes were really opened to the importance of taking care of my credit. Reality hit and I need to get a car and a house. With my extensive student loans and a few credit cards, I was afraid to look at my credit score. I didn’t want to be disappointed in myself and I really didn’t want the extra pressure of monitoring my score. Either way, I knew how important it was, so I decided to find a website that really offers a FREE credit score.


Most websites tell you they are free, but then they require a credit card. Pretty strange right? If it’s free, why is a credit card required? The simple answer to that is it’s free for now, but if you don’t call and cancel in time, you will be charged some ridiculous and outrageous amount. Basically, it’s a set up. If you forget, don’t read the fine print, or don’t CALL in time, you will be charged. You need a website that is HONEST, safe, and reliable. That’s where Credit Sesame comes in. 


I visited Credit Sesame to see what they were all about. I immediately was impressed with how easy the sign up process was. I didn’t need to answer a million questions and I didn’t feel like my privacy was violated. I was able to give them my basic info – name, address, birthday, and last 4 of my SS#. Next, I answered a few security questions to verify my identity. Next, I added my goal, which was “Improving my credit score”. That was it! Within a few seconds, my credit score was on the screen for my viewing pleasure. I am not going to tell you my score, but I was SO happy to see it! The website gives you awesome ways to improve your score and credit card recommendations that will help you. They also give you a debt amount and a home buying power. This is basically an idea of the loan amount you could get. I think that was a really nice feature because I’ve never seen that on another credit site!

I am impressed with this site. It’s so quick and easy to use. I know that my identity is safe and secure. I definitely recommend Credit Sesame for anyone looking to see their FREE credit score, monitor their credit, or for free identity theft protection!

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