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Who says adults can’t dress in cute jammies and stay up all night playing games and eating snacks? A boring old person with no imagination, that’s who! I LOVE feeling like a kid again. Playing dress up, breaking out the makeup to make myself look like an old time movie star, and eating like I will never gain a pound. Oh the joys of the imagination. I am one that always believes that we are not too old to do anything. We are never too old to live, to laugh, to learn, or to have a good time! That’s why I didn’t hesitate to review an adult ONESIE hahaha

Yes!! It is true! I am a BIG KID darnit! Funzee kindly sent me an adorable teddy bear onesie to review. I was so excited to see how cute it is! The onesie I was sent is footless, so they included a cute pair of matching socks. Funzee is a site dedicated to bringing back the nostalgia of the onesie pajama! Funzee Onesie pajamas are either 100% Jersey Cotton or warm Polar Fleece, depending on what you choose. They have a wide variety of unique designs, such as the wizard onesie, the retro onesie, and the reggae onesie. They also have different style of onesies like the Drop Seat Onesie (also known as the butt flap haha), the footed onesie, and the unhooded onesie.

Funzee Adult Onesies

As I previously mentioned, I received the adorable teddy bear onesie (known as the “cute onesie” on the site). It is a hooded, footless, pink onesie that came with adorable matching non-slip socks. The socks are sold separately (only $2.99 with purchase of onesie), but are definitely a MUST to go along with these onesies! The Cute Funzee Onesie is very soft and comfortable. You simply slip it on (feet first) and zip it right up! It’s so adorable. My boyfriend couldn’t help but to say “aww”. I really love anything with a hoodie, so I was excited to see that this onesie has a hoodie. I live in Florida, so I cannot wear this year round, it would be way too hot for me. However, the material is thin enough for air to circulate through it. Sizing is based on your height and it fit me (5ft even) perfectly! It was loose enough for me to move around and to be comfortable in. I love wearing it for a family game night and I definitely will be wearing it on Christmas morning ^_^

Overall I can confidently say that Funzee has a great selection of quality adult onesies offered at an affordable price! These would make a great gift holidays, birthdays, or a “just because I want to see you smile” day!

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