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GameStop Exclusive: Funko Kingdom Hearts Box – What’s Inside?

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Thinking of picking up the GameStop Exclusive Funko Kingdom Hearts box? There’s a 1 in 4 chance of getting a variant – Did I get it? Here’s what’s inside my Kingdom Hearts box – with photos and video. This post was sponsored by GameStop. All opinions are my own.Kingdom Hearts Box Unboxing

You say, “Funko” and I say, “Count me in”.  Being the ridiculously addicted, lack-of-self-control Funko Pop! collector that I am, I can’t help but to want just about every Funko ever made – particularly if it has to do with Disney. It’s no secret that I’m a Disney girl. Disney basically runs through my veins at this point. With that said, any opportunity I get to share anything about Disney on my blog, I will do it. Plus, I’m a self-proclaimed part-time geek so figurines, geek toys, artwork, etc. are kinda my thing.Kingdom Hearts Box Unboxing

GameStop Exclusive Funko Kingdom Hearts box

After watching my friend MamasGeeky.com’s unboxing, I just couldn’t wait to open my GameStop Exclusive Funko Kingdom Hearts box. My eyes were on the prize. I just had to get that variant. I’m not a huge Kingdom Hearts fan but again – exclusives and limited editions make my feel special deep down inside. Oh, and I kinda have a thing for mystery hauls. I will not confirm whether or not it’s an obsession. Let’s carry on.

I propped up my phone, in the wrong direction, and bam! The unboxing was on.

Funko Kingdom Hearts Unboxing Video

Like the impulsive fan that I am, I didn’t wait to see what my Funkos were. I went straight for that box, only to find out that… no, I was not the lucky recipient of the variant. However, I was pretty stoked to add the Funko Kingdom Hearts box exclusives to my wild and crazy Funko collection.Kingdom Hearts Box Unboxing
Kingdom Hearts Box Unboxing
As for the mystery minis, they were adorable as always. Being the fantastic friend that I am, I gifted those to my friend Mama’s Geeky since she got the 2 that I didn’t. Plus, her hubby is a fanatic so he deserves it more than I do.Kingdom Hearts Box UnboxingKingdom Hearts Box Unboxing
I know what you’re thinking. “What about the Funkos?” You must be crazy! Those are mine. Mine. All mine.Kingdom Hearts Box Unboxing
So what are you waiting for? Head to GameStop.com asap to get your exclusive box before it sells out. You don’t want to suffer from FOMO. It’s not a good feeling.

Only at GameStop!

GameStop, Inc.
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