Fun Chalk Liquid Chalk Markers

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Fun Chalk

Sometimes you just want to have a little fun. You want to feel free and creative. You want to feel like you are a kid again! Who says you can’t be? With the Fun Chalk Liquid Chalk Markers you can express your creativity and individuality in your own way. Whether you are writing on a mirror, chalk board, or a window, these markers are perfect to add some creativity to your life! 

Fun Chalk Markers

I have tried other chalk markers before, but none of them have been this bright and beautiful. These are so much more vibrant than any chalk markers that I have used before. They are a great consistency too. Other markers claim to be chalk markers, but do not have the chalk finish. My only complaint is that these run at the first sign of perspiration. My boyfriend and I love using chalk markers to write little notes to each other in the bathroom, but we can’t do that with these because they run too easily. If you want to use these for other ideas, like sign decoration or window holiday decorating, then I’d so that these are your go-to markers. The pros definitely outweigh the cons!

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