Franklin Mint Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection

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As Americans, we hold our Founding Fathers with great esteem. We love our country and we love those who have helped make it what it is today. With that said, any American would be honored to have a collection that symbolizes the freedom and gratitude that we have for our country. Franklin Mint has some the very best items that are dedicated to our beautiful “home of the brave”. They have the perfect gifts for grandfathers, father, and any history buff in your life.

Franklin Mint Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection

The Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection is so beautiful! I was completely shocked to see such a beautiful collection. The collection includes a display case, 7 Founding Father coins layered in 24k Gold, a magnifying glass, white gloves, and fact cards.

The coins are all dazzling and shiny! Each coin comes in a a nice case to protect it from scratches. Anyone would be blown away at how gorgeous these coins are! The Founding Fathers’ images are delicately engraved on each coin, with a quote on the other side of each coin. These are so beautiful I feel like they need a room all to themselves. You can expect these to stand out in any room that you display these in. Layered in 24k gold, you will never find another set of coins this unique! Make sure you wear your white gloves when handling these coins, you don’t want a smudge or a scratch on them!

Along with the gorgeous coins, comes a flawless display case. The display case includes sections to place the coins, as well as a section to place the hardbound copy of the U.S. Constitution that is included in the collection. This polished wood case will keep the coins from dust and dander. It can be opened and closed, as you please. The magnifying glass has a gorgeous wooden handle and is the perfect size for any coin collector.

Make sure you look over the fact cards that are included in a beautiful Franklin Mint stamped envelope. The fact cards explain more about each Founding Father, as well as give more information about the beautiful 24k gold layered medallions.

Franklin Mint Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection Cards

I am in awe over this elegant Founding Fathers of America Coin Collection from Franklin Mint. These are PERFECT for anyone on your shopping list this year! You can expect to receive this swiftly and packaged safely! There will not be one scratch, smudge, or mark on these items! Franklin Mint takes great care of their items!

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