The Franklin Mint Americana 50 Years In The Making

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For as far back as I can remember, I have heard about Franklin Mint. I mean, haven’t we all? You know the commercials- “The Franklin Mint collection is a superb collection, you will never find one of these any where else in the world”. I’m sure you are thinking, “OH YEAH! I have seen those commercials a million times.” These aren’t just informercials that promise something that they will not follow through with. Franklin Mint really does provide an incredible amount of customer service and they offer quality products that you can only find through their company.

Did you know that Franklin Mint has been producing collectibles for 50 YEARS!? So for a company running for 50 years you can definitely expect that their products and company have grown and continued to get better and better as time has passed. Their collectibles include coins, figurines, wall art, and MUCH more! They have even expanded their product line to Christmas Ornaments and Games! Along with all of their incredible collectibles they have released the The Franklin Mint Americana 50 Years In The Making book.

The Franklin Mint Americana 50 Years In The Making book is a large hardcover cover book measuring at 11 inches by 14 inches with 160 pages. These pages have beautiful hi-res images of all of the items that Franklin Mint has created throughout the years. This book is great for a coffee table book. All of the pictures show true images of the incredible products. Since the book is so large, all of the images are very easy to see and the products are easy to fall in love with. This book would be a great gift this holiday season!

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