For My Astrology Lovers – A Zodiac Wine Glass

This post contains affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links

One thing that my readers do not know about me is that I am an Astrology nerd. I’ve been into Astrology since I was a teenager. It’s not something I live by, but I find it fun and it is something that I believe in. Anyways, with so many birthdays coming up, I have a ton of people to shop for. For my friends and my mom, I love getting them something directly related to when they were born. Whether it be candy from the decade they were born, a birthstone, or a Zodiac item, I think these types of gifts are fun for birthdays. 

A Gift For My mom!
A Gift For My mom!

When I seen the Luminarc Zodiac wine glasses, I was immediately excited! I must say, it was hard to choose one for someone else. They look so nice! I ended up ordering a Cancer one for my mother. My love for Astrology came from her, so I figured that I owe it to her.

Cancer Zodiac Wine Glass

The Cancer Zodiac Sign Wine Glass came packaged very well. As soon as I ripped off all of the packaging, I was so excited to see a good-size wine glass. It’s a bit heavy, which I prefer. I don’t like wine glasses to be too delicate because knowing myself, I will break it within a week. The thick stem was also a nice touch and made me feel comfortable giving this as a gift. The most prominent feature about this wine glass is the etching. It’s etched very nicely. I love knowing that the Cancer sign will not fade anytime soon. I was very impressed by how detailed it was. I expected it to be like many other wine glasses where you can barely see the etching, but no. It is dark and deep enough for you to see exactly what it is. 

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with this Zodiac wine glass! It is really beautiful! It would be a great every day wine glass or even a great display glass. I recommend this among others of its kind because the quality is unbeatable! 

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