Family Isn’t Defined By WHO You Love, but HOW You Love #HowWeFamily

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 The fact that you are loving is much more important than who you are loving. Love is diverse, accepting, forgiving, and empathetic. There’s no real way to define love, but you can define family. Family is not defined by who you love, but how you love. To celebrate all families, the TYLENOL brand created the #HowWeFamily program which believes that family is not about who you love but how

My boyfriend and I were first considered a family when we moved in together. Just him, the 3 cats, and I. So how do we family? We support each other through all of life’s trials and tribulations. During the holidays, our diverse families come together for one big celebration. We are an interracial couple, but that has never stopped our families from loving and accepting one another. We laugh, we love, we support, we care, and we experience life together. We don’t see color, religion, or language barriers. We see love and we see family. That is #HowWeFamily.

What moments matter the most to you?  How does your family come together for the holidays? 

This holiday season, TYLENOL is continuing to celebrate all families and how they come together. The video above is a compilation of real moments form real families. The joy, the laughter, the surprise, and unconditional love shown in this video could not be made up. 

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  1. I am so digging this new Tylenol campaign. I can get with the message of #HowWeFamily because loving someone is on thing but HOW you show that love is something different. How you show your love lets family know how much they mean to you. Whether your family is connected by blood or friendship the biggest connector should always be love. Happy Holidays!

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