Fall Fashion with Avenue – Plus Size Clothing & More

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Fall Fashion with Avenue - Plus Size Clothing & More

Fall is a famous season. It’s always remembered for so many things. I personally love fall because the weather is beautiful and it’s my birthday season (woot). I live in Florida, so I don’t get to experience the season like everyone else, but I still love it. I love that our hot, humid state gets cool (for us) and breezy. I love that I can dress comfortably and not feel out of place. I love the Fall scents, like cinnamon spice, and the fall flavors, like pumpkin! I love the fall festivals and the excuse to go out with family. I love everything about Fall, but my favorite thing is the fashion.

Fall Fashion with Avenue - Plus Size Clothing & More

So what does Fall fashion consist of? That’s an easy question to answer, really: Boots, Leggings, Sweatshirts… oh my! Fall fashion is about much more than that, but that’s the gist of it. I love all of the options when shopping for a new Fall wardrobe! The warm colors are right up my alley. The browns, greens, yellows, reds, golds, and blacks. Ahh! I could wear that all year long. The funky leggings, slouchy tees, baggy sweaters, cute leg warmers, and pretty scarves really are the apple of my eye.

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Fall Fashion from Avenue.Com

Just because I love all of this stuff doesn’t mean that I can find it just anywhere. I know that many of us have a hard time finding the right clothing for our body types. If you’re plus size, it’s even more difficult! I know that you’re probably thinking, “How would you know? You aren’t plus size!” This is true, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the struggle. My best friend of 10 years was plus size and I went with her on every shopping trip. Finding good quality, stylish clothing that she didn’t have to sell her soul to buy, was difficult! It seemed like all of the plus size clothing was either cheap, not fashionable at all, or way overpriced!

Fall Fashion with Avenue Plus Size Clothing

I was super excited when Avenue was introduced to me. This brand offers clothing for women that have more to love. The clothing is fun, fashion-forward, and affordable! I personally think it’s one of the most stylish brands around. I couldn’t model their beautiful clothing for you, but I can tell you that they have fabulous handbags and accessories! I chose the Felicity Fringe Crossbody Handbag and the Optical Textured Infinity Scarf to include in my Women’s Guide to Fall because, um hello, look at them! They are fabulous additions to a Fall wardrobe!

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The Felicity Fringe Crossbody Handbag is totally on trend this year! I was just watching a show last night where a fashion guru recommended fring this Fall and of course, Avenue is already on top of that! The designer of this bag is Carlos Santana, so I immediately expected the interior to be red (as true to his typical designs). I was pleasantly surprised to open this up and find a beautiful beige and black floral pattern. This bag is really a perfect size for me. I usually stick with large bags in Fall, but this one I will make an exception for because it matches with anything. Plus, it’s fringe which I adore. This may be Faux Leather, but it’s incredible durable and a great quality! I am in love with this bag for Fall and I cannot wait to rock it! Oh and the best part? It usually retails for $79 and Avenue has it only $40! Talk about a steal!

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The Optical Textured Infinity Scarf is to die for. I adore this scarf and you can expect to see me wearing this for the rest of the year. I am very picky about scarves, but this one I love. It’s soft, well made, and the design is hot! The white and black textured print will turn any casual outfit into something fabulous! Plus, it looks great with that Felicity handbag! Right now it’s on sale for $17.50, so get it while you still can!

I just adore Avenue and their fashion sense. They know all about style for women of all ages. Be confident in your body. Be fashionable in Avenue clothing.

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