Exclusive First Episode Preview of DINOTRUX

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Hello, my pretties! Netflix has done something very rare. They are offering an exclusive 11-minute sneak peek of DreamWorks Animation original series, DINOTRUX. You can watch this sneak peek in the video below. This is a great action show for younger children! This show looks fun and entertaining! I hope that you and your children enjoy it. If you do, be sure to visit Netflix to watch all of the episodes!

Once you have enjoyed this first 11-minute preview, your readers can continue enjoying all 10 episodes of DINOTRUX featuring Ty Rux, Revvit, their Dinotrux and Reptool friends & the villainous D-Structs, only on Netflix.

More about DINOTRUX

When an erupting volcano forces Ty, an enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex combined with a megaton excavator, to flee his home valley suddenly, the tough but charismatic hero finds himself charging into an unfamiliar crater full of his favorite food: ore.
But the new landscape holds even more wondrous discoveries: other species of Dinotrux, a race of resourceful reptiles combined with hand tools called the Reptools, and a territorial bad guy with a nasty temper named D-Structs.
Ty’s first ally turns out to be a courageous, brainy Reptool named Revvit (lizard + rotary drill). Their unlikely bond leads to the creation of a community and shows how a friendship can change the world. As they meet other creatures who aren’t like them and sometimes don’t like them, they make it work. Ty leads the crew and convinces his new cratermates that they can find a way to work and live together.
Watch all ten episodes of Dinotrux Season One exclusively on Netflix!

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