Epica Hand Held Shower Head with Extra Long Hose

This post contains affiliate links.

Epica Hand Held Shower Head with Extra Long HoseThis post contains affiliate links

These past few months my boyfriend and I have tried a few different new shower heads in our bathrooms. We were wanting something that looks nice, is easy to install, and is functional. We don’t need anything complex or too fancy, just something basic that actually works. 

The Epica Hand Held Shower Head was surprisingly, exactly what we were looking for. Our hopes weren’t high about this because of our past fails, but we thought we would give it a try anyways. The shower head came packaged well and included everything we needed to install it. One comment my boyfriend made was that the plumber’s tape was very cheap and not good at all. He ended up using his own plumbers tape to seal the shower head. Installation took no more than 10 minutes. We were really happy with how easy it was to install. The shower head is a bit lightweight, but it’s nice enough for us to be happy with it. What we absolutely LOVE is the water pressure with this head. The medium setting is not too light or too heavy of a flow. We never change the setting because this is perfect. The extra long hose is great for us to because we like to clean the walls and the bottom of the shower with ease. The hose reaches far enough for us to clean the whole tub! 

Overall, we like this shower head. It works well and hasn’t rusted or developed soap scum. The plumber’s tape was a disappointment, as well as the weight of the shower head. Would we recommend it? Definitely! You can’t beat the price!  

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