Enhance Your Lashes with MarveLash

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Let’s Talk Beauty has a little bit of everything for women. From skin care to cosmetics, you can expect the best of the best with MarveLash. One particular product that caught my eye (no pun intended) is the MarveLash Eyelash Growth serum. It provides strength and protection for your lashes, while growing them thicker and fuller. It also moisturizes your lashes and lids, so you don’t have to worry about them drying out. 

MarveLash Review

I was unsure about this product before using it. I have used a few different eyelash growth products and they always had horrible side effects, like eyelid darkening, drying out, burning, and itching. I haven’t had great experiences before, as you can see. The MarveLash serum is different. It doesn’t feel any different than when you aren’t wearing it. I love that you can also use it on your brows because overplucking can be a killer on your brows. This has seriously helped me to grow my brows out. I’ve noticed hair growing in spots that I overplucked and couldn’t get back before. As for the lashes, I haven’t noticed a MAJOR growth, but I have noticed that my lashes are much softer and smoother. It seems like my mascara never clumps or chips now because it goes onto moisturized lashes. I will keep using it and let you know if I see any dramatic results. 


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